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  1. GillandCo

    Shoud i brew today?

    Contemplating brewing even though I need to pack and do a bunch of stuff to get ready for mammoth tomorrow. Just finished kegging a pale ale yesterday. I still don't know what I would brew but have all the grains and yeast to brew up a batch. What to do what to do
  2. GillandCo

    Found a good deal, should I proceed to buy? Or stick with what I have!

    Currently brewing on a single tier keggle system but have the opportunity to get some 50 gallon drums for a good price. Should I go for it? Most likely I wont be brewing with them for a while and i'll stick with my 15 gallon set up...but in the future I would like to upgrade. What to do what to do.
  3. GillandCo

    Help me Build my Fermentation Chest!

    Hey everyone I posted a thread earlier and decided I want to make this old wooden chest into a fermentation cooler...The box as is wont fit carboys with airlocks so ill have to build a collar to increase the height. Questions and concerns. 1. Is there anything wrong with me insulating with...
  4. GillandCo

    Help me turn this into something!

    Here is a picture of a old wooden toy chest my uncle made me back in the day. Its been sitting outside for a couple years and as you can see needs some tlc. It has some sentimental value but i'd like to sand and paint it and turn it into something... I already have a keezer but i was thinking...
  5. GillandCo

    Im drunk...And I don't care who knows about it!

    often times I find my self browsing this site, reading, And pouring pints out of the keezer until I go cross eyed and feel the need to go to sleep. I had a long night at work it's 2 in the morning and I think I deserve this. maybe it's me, I know I have a brewing problem, But would like to...
  6. GillandCo

    Craigslist Find

    I already have a stand but incase anyone is interested in a gravity fed 3-tier check it out.
  7. GillandCo

    Adding Horchata to my Vanilla Porter.

    So im making a vanilla porter. Not the Bourbon Vinilla on this site. And was thinking about splitting to 2.5 gallon batches and adding the Mexican Drink Horchata to one of them. I have no Idea how to make this **** and will go by a local restaurant to pick up a cup. My questions are do you think...
  8. GillandCo

    Sam Adams New Beer 2010-2011

    So I just finished working a party that was sponsored by sam adams for october fest...They had a Rep named john who talked for a hlaf hour about topics such as ingredients, beer styles, yeast, there "Custom Glasses" and the new beers they have coming out... Im sure you have heard of sam adams...
  9. GillandCo

    Help Make dip tube quick disconnect

    I already have a center pick up tube from bargain fittings but i want the sabco universal siphon but dont want to pay 100 bucks for one...I saw Tri Colvers I think would wrap around snug to the dip tube if i install some there an easy way around buying a new one?
  10. GillandCo

    Quick Disconnects

    I have 3 keggles with 3 piece valves on them..and should be receiving my stand with 2 march pumps shortly. Which quick disconnects would you recommend? I have seen the ones form bargain fittings and also the clover fittings...I am trying to stick with the stainless theme so any advice would be...
  11. GillandCo

    Purge Carboy After Wine Thief?

    Just started using a wine thief to taste my beers in secondary and to take hydro readings...My question is Do I need to purge the carboy's head space with Co2 After using it? Or will simply recapping it, and going about my normal business work!
  12. GillandCo

    Buzzed with Jury Duty in the Morning

    Could it get any worse? I have been on call all week for this thing, and the one night I decide to get my drink on I have to be at the court house by 7:30...Not to mention it is over an hour away...O well Less complaining more drinking:tank:
  13. GillandCo

    Cleaning Old bottles with mold in them.

    Found my dads old Moosehead beer Canadian Logger wooden box full with Vintage looking green bottles...I wanted to use them to bottle my Barley Wine, but not with the mold and crud on the bottom. I have a ton of oxygen Cleaner/Oxyclean, will a good soak in this stuff do the trick. Or should i...
  14. GillandCo

    hop particles when dry hopping?

    My first time adding whole hops and i chose to dry hop in a keg. I know im suppose to leave it for 2 weeks or so, and iv'e seen people leave them in for the life of the keg, but i couldn't help my self. I just kegged my amber yesterday and pulled a glass today, only to find a crap load of hop...
  15. GillandCo

    Adding Peaches to my Honey Ale

    Just thought I'd post this incase anyone was interested in how it's going to turn out...I got 2 boxes of peaches for free from a chef i know. I puree'd them and after weighing, it came out to roughly 14 + pounds. I'm only going to add 3.5 pounds or so to secondary after it freezes overnight...
  16. GillandCo

    What to Brew Next?

    Looking for a proven recipe to try next... I was thinking an Octoberfest, maybe a Rye beer or a Lambic.... I have 4 carboys full but am looking to brew again within the next week... In Carboys (Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale, House Amber, Honey Peach, Barley Weed) Any suggestions?
  17. GillandCo

    What Are You Brewing Today?

    Haven't seen A thread like this so Im posting it... I just brewed 11 gallons of my Honey Blonde...split into 2 gallons both pitched over yeast cake with WLP002, and WLP026, Left over from the Pumpkin Ale One might get a fruit addition after primary... I should have labeled this thread...
  18. GillandCo

    To Insulate Or Not?

    That is the Question... I will be brewing my first Batch With my converted MT KEg and was wondering if anyone had any suggestion on this... I was thinking of just pre heating my strike water in my MT and transfering some into my HLT for the sparge then just dough in as normal...Do you think I...
  19. GillandCo

    How far Does Your Keg False Bottom Sit Above the Bed(bottom)

    Just recieved my false bottom and it looks to me like it sites higher then it should...Maybe its just me?
  20. GillandCo

    Keg Lids On While Brewing

    Ever wondered how to prevent boil overs excluding (Initial) without tossing glass marbles or aiming a "fan" towards your beer...heres the method I use that works for me. When I am bringing my beer up to a boil just as the foam rises I toss a few hops into the foam to break the surface area and...