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    New Jersey Gear Reducer 30:1

    I've decided to go with a different motor/mill setup so I wont be using this right angle gear reducer. Its a 30:1 ratio. The 1/2" shaft spins 30 times for every rotation of the 5/8" shaft. This is an older industrial unit that will survive all future apocalypses, and will be part of the machine...
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    New Jersey Keggle Mash Tun & Tri-clamp Bottom Drain

    Hello fellow HBTers, I got this stuff locally on a big purchase I made. I'm in the process of a new brew rig build, so I don't think I'm going to use this keggle/mashtun. Its a miller keg, clean cut up top, with a 1/2" npt weldless bulkhead about 6" from the base of the keg. The previous...
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    New Jersey Keggle with Valves & Sightglass $100

    I got this on a brewrig I purchased a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure if I was going to use it or not, and I think I'm going to stick with my electric bottom draining setup. This is ready to go standard 15.5 gallon keggle, nicely cut on top, weldless bulkheads for 3-pc draining valve, top...
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    New Jersey Pump March 809 w/ Valve and Camlocks

    Hey HBT, I got this pump on a rig I purchased a few weeks ago, and don't have a need for it. I added a covered safety switch, and computer power wire. It works great with no issues, I believe it is the poly plastic head. All plastic looks good with no pitting, etc. $122 shipped in the...
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    New Jersey Chillzilla w/ camlock fittings $118 shipped

    Hello, I picked up a large brew stand and it came with this Chillzilla. I use a plate chiller so I don't want it. It has 2 male garden hose fittings on it, and two male camlock C fittings. Its pretty clean, and has no leaks. I'll accept paypal, or whatever. I can deliver within 20...
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    1/2" Tubing Adjustable Bender

    This is a thread dedicated to a DIY tubing bender made by AcidRain. I purchased it from him and wanted to share his great work to interested parties. I can take more detailed measurements later but for now here are some pics.
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    Thermowell location: Upside down keg MLT

    Hello HBTers, I feel like upgrading my keg MLT setup, and would like to add a thermowell to monitor the temps vs. using my thermopen. I use an upside down keg, with a jaybird hinged false bottom. I am currently not recirculating my mash. I am thinking about putting about a thermowell under...
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    Starter Stepping: How big can a 2L go?

    Hey figured I would ask HBT and see feedback from the collective. I plan on doing needing about 500 billion cells for about a 6-7% lager. So far I have stepped up a smack pack of Wyeast 2124 2 times on a stir plate in a 2 liter flask so about: 100bil ==> 200bil ==> 350bil (based on Chris...
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    New Jersey 20 Amp 2-pole Square D breaker $14

    I got this breaker for a new circuit, not realizing that I needed a homeline style breaker, and this one appears to be a snap-in Q0. I can't return it since I'm past the return period, doh. Will ship via USPS for $14. The breaker has never been used. Item is in Central Jersey. Here is more...
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    New Jersey 6 1/2" Brass Quick Disconnects

    Hello, my system came with these and I've since upgraded to all cam-locks. These work fine, and were used on 3 sets of hoses, as well as in/out of a chiller. I believe they are 1/2" since that is what the male end of the fitting is. The threads are 1/2" NPT. The barb is 1/2". $25 shipped...
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    Does Potassium Sorbate Halt Fermentation?

    Hello, long time wine lurker, first time wine poster. If I'm making a wine, and want to leave a little residual sweetness, can I add sorbate to the wine and that will halt fermentation? For instance, lets say I want to stop wine at 1.004 vs. going dry, and I don't want to backsweeten. Or...
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    Confusion about Secondary while Carbing

    Hello all, happy holidays. I recently got a pin lock 2 keg setup from Keg Connections, great stuff and guys. Here is my question, I brewed the BM's blond centennial on Sunday. It seems like it is done now at 1.012. Sample looks nice and tastes great, but hopefully not less filling! My...
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    1st Lager Effort, Criticism Appreciated.

    Hey HBT, decided to tackle my 1st lager! I scored a cheap refrig off CL for $40 ($60 in van rental though, lol) so I decided it was LAGER TIME. After reading this site and others for at least 40 hours, this is what I went with. From a recipe by user osagedr (all credit to him): I used Wyeast...
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    My Upside down Keg MLT

    Hey just wanted to post a pic of my stage 2 MLT. Excuse the terrible picture quality, bad lighting, and general mess of the cellar. To test its heat retention. I pumped in 9 gallons of water. I stirred it, measured the temp to be 179*, after 75 minutes it was about 167*. Seems like this...
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    1st AG brew: American in London ESB

    Hey all, I am ready to embark on my first batch. I don't yet have a mill, so I had the grain purchased and crushed at my LHBS, Brooklyn Homebrew. They have some recipes there, so I purchased one called American in London ESB, in honor of my sister moving to London this month. Here is the...
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    Opened my 1st Keg today!

    Just wanted to share my enthusiam for getting out the sankey of my 1st keg today, came out real easy and allowed me to dump out the old funky contents of what remained. Going to turn into a brew kettle, and get my homebrew started soon hopefully. And the keg was legally obtained, I...