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  1. CAS0311USMC

    Fridge question

    got my keg a couple of weeks ago and everything is great. Currently, I have it chilling comfortably in my lagering freezer with about two cases of a great honey lager which is still aging. Here in lies the problem. I need to build a kegerator. I cannot brew another lager and lager that...
  2. CAS0311USMC

    Keg question

    Just got my keg today. There is no purge valve on the lid. I was under the impression from what I have read and watched that a quick purge is necessary after the first injection of co2 in order to get the small amount of oxygen on top out. I called the company that I ordered from (which is on...
  3. CAS0311USMC

    Help with gravity/ yield

    Made a nice golden ale yesterday and I was puzzled to find that my OG calculation was off considerably. I was expecting 1.064 and ended up with 1.044. I was hoping someone could tell me what the yield numbers are for 2 row malt and Dextrine(carapils). I'm sure that I miss calculated. I know...
  4. CAS0311USMC

    new brew

    I'm going to brew another ale. I'm going with some lighter colors. here's the set up. Let me know what ya think 1 lb Pale malt 2-row steep grains 20 mins 155-165 .5 lbDextrine (Carapils) 6.6 lb Pilsen light LME 1 oz mt.hood 60 1oz cascade 30min 1oz cascade 5 min White Labs yeast...
  5. CAS0311USMC

    trub question

    despite my best efforts of stirring and leaving wort behind, I am still getting trub in just about every bottle of beer. I was hoping someone would have an inexpensive way to keep less from getting into the bottles. I use the 5 gallon brewing setup by brewers best. Any help would be great...
  6. CAS0311USMC

    no visible activity/ help??

    I have never brewed lager before and I'm wondering about fermentation activity. I used White Labs American Lager yeast 840. The website stated that optimum fermentaion temp was 50-55 F. The label said to leave the wort with the pitched yeast out for 10-24 hours at room temp. I left it out for...
  7. CAS0311USMC

    tastse is good/ little help?

    Brewed up my first lager yesterday and I have to say it is pretty good. It's a little differant than traditional american lagers but I beleive it will turn out great. Taste before I pitched the yeast was excellent, bitter in the front and sweet in the back :rockin:. I used 10L crystal, Breiss...
  8. CAS0311USMC

    calculating IBU's

    I'm trying to calculate the IBU's and I'm using Extract. Also, I am steeping some caramel malt grains. Probably a dumb question but do I factor in the amount of malted grains as well? I am using this formula. it's confusing but it works for me ug...
  9. CAS0311USMC

    Pilsner style recipe?

    I am really having a difficult time with what to brew. The recipe I posted yesterday didn't seem to hold up too well to thoughts and suggestions so I will try agian. 2 1/2 gallon boil 5 gallon batch 6# pale malt extract (or extra pale?) 1 # 10L caramel/crystal 1 oz. cascade 60 min...
  10. CAS0311USMC

    thoughts please!?

    Hello yet again ladies and gentlemen. I have what I think is my final recipe for my first american style light lager. Tell me what ya think about flavor and such. I am trying to brew without using rice. 1lb 40L carmel malt (steep for 20 min. at 155-165F) 3lb Briess pilsen (extra light) BME...
  11. CAS0311USMC

    yeast subs

    hello all. I am planning on brewing my first lager in the coming week. The recipie I have chosen calls for Wyeast 2112 california lager yeast. However, I am having some difficulty obtaining this yeast. Color and clearity really don't bother me. I would still like to have a light beer though. Any...