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  1. XXguy

    Free - Blue Bell, PA

    Not mine, but probably worthwhile if someone in the area is looking to go Electric. Free 3 prong 4' Dryer Cord
  2. XXguy

    Montco PA - C02 Tank, reg, etc. $25

    Craigslist deal -Not mine, but if I lived closer, it would be.
  3. XXguy

    Ebay find - 3 gallon kegs - DIY project

    Please Note: the guy is selling these as stripped down shells - no handles, no lids, no guts.... they aren't plug & play. Disclaimer: they're not mine, and I...
  4. XXguy

    Another Ebay deal - 1/2 inch Silicone tubing

    Looks like the guy still has 7 Fifty foot rolls of 1/2" silicone tubing manufactured by a biopharm supplier. $29.99 a roll with free shipping. Works out to about 60 cents a foot...
  5. XXguy

    Ebay deal - Stainless Pots

    This guy seems to have quite a number of stainless pots in different sizes, but the one that caught my eye was an 11 Gallon Stainless pot with clad bottom for $59 + shipping. More than a few. Seems he's also got 18 gallon pots at $99 + shipping. More than a few. Disclaimer: Not mine &...
  6. XXguy

    South, Southeastern PA - almost DE/MD

    Down around the Oxford area - but looks like a steal. Kegerator in working condition supposedly - asking $75. of course, its not mine.
  7. XXguy

    Philly - kegerator kit - DIY

    This looks like a pretty decent deal for someone who has a fridge & wants to build their own. Comes with what looks to be a sixtel or one of those tall 1/4 kegs. Not mine.
  8. XXguy

    Southeastern PA - Lansdale Beer Fest

    Supposed to be coming up on July 10th, at the Lansdale Train Station. I just read about it this morning, sounds like they haven't got all approvals yet, but once they do, tickets will go on sale.
  9. XXguy

    FREE - Pottstown PA Wine bottles Not mine - looks like the guy has 10 one gallon wine bottles he's giving away. Sounds like the right price for somebody.
  10. XXguy

    PA Alert - 60 gallon plastic conicals $125 ea

    Skippack, PA - near Philadelphia. Not mine! But the guy has 6 for sale... I just don't really have any need for a 60 gallon conical. With stands $125 each!
  11. XXguy

    Newtown, PA Brewfest Tickets

    Newtown Brewfest Committee toasts the launch of ticket sales for the 4th Annual Newtown Brewfest. Tickets go on sale July 19th. The Brewfest takes place Saturday: 10.17.09 Online sales at Newtown Brewfest Home will begin at 10 a.m. Tickets for the Beat the Crowd, General Admission and...
  12. XXguy

    Todays bargain - Dublin, PA

    Free walk-in cooler. You disassemble & remove. Looks like he wants to sell the cooler door separately for $50. walk in cooler
  13. XXguy

    Devon, PA - keezer on Craigslist

    This just popped up a few minutes ago - seems to include a C02 bottle, regulator & temp controller. I'd snatch it if I needed one. $150. Not mine. Kegerator Fits a 1/2 keg
  14. XXguy

    a new way to get a DUI

    And seems like it's actually a true story.... at least nobody got hurt. Ohio man seeks trial over getting DUI on motorized barstool - btw - check out the wheelie bar w/ shock absorber on the back..... Surprised he didn't add a parachute.
  15. XXguy

    Chester County PA - Craigslist

    A little too far from me, and only one or two things that would interest me...... but still might be worthwhile for someone else. Lots of Homebrewing Beer Brewing gear for sale