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  1. sh00t

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    so after 2 weeks primary & 1 wk in keg its got a pretty tart bite to it... can't wait to see how its doing tomorrow after another week in keg
  2. sh00t

    OAK Chips - Charbroil Whiskey Smoker

    Keep us posted, I am very interested in this and might do this to a gallon of my braggot. Subscribed!
  3. sh00t

    My lucky day!

    heck yeah you should... you can get convertors to ball lock
  4. sh00t

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    ok, this past weekend I brewed up; 1 lb caramel wheat 4 oz chocolate wheat 2 oz torrified wheat 1 lb amber DME 1 lb light DME 1/2 oz hallertauer nottingham yeast 4 gallons tree top apple juice from wal-mart(s) ...............actually 3 gallons of AJ from one brand and 1 gallon of AJ from another...
  5. sh00t

    The Ongoing Saga of My "Brewing Degree".

    and why so heavy on the brew history? Brewstorian.... More science and def yeast bio as blizzard already suggested.
  6. sh00t

    Bottling was easier...

    it would be torture.... i might be able to do it if they were 32oz bottles...maybe
  7. sh00t

    Bottling was easier...

    yeah, I second the keg lube and if your poppet is bad you can replace it. Bottling sucks.
  8. sh00t

    First Keg - Racked Too Much Trub

    works great, several posts about this definitely what I'd do!!!
  9. sh00t

    Futurama Beer Names!

    Officer Smitty's Lightsaber Lager Elzars Fine Ale ----Bam! Hypnotoad Stout "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" Kif Krokers Spineless Ale Barbados Slim the Mahogany God Lager Sweet Clyde Dixons Time Keeps on Slippin' Sippin' Siason
  10. sh00t

    AHS Pecan Porter reviews???

    man, I bet it does taste heavenly...... I think I'm gonna brew the porter up minus the pecan extract..... it tasted pretty dang good as I recalled w/o it!
  11. sh00t

    Interrupted Mash

    PT Ray & Avidhomebrewer Guys, thanks so much for the heads up, I use the overnight method pretty much 100% of the time now, man it makes brew day sooooooo much easier & more fun... :D(If you have any other little tips/time-savers I'd be more than greedy to soak'em up):D
  12. sh00t

    AHS Pecan Porter reviews???

    how is your patience holding up?
  13. sh00t

    my braggart(ish), please critique

    I actually haven't added the green tea yet... I think i'm gonna let it ferment for at least a week or so before I add it. Maybe even longer, I'm flip flopping between adding it during fermentation and adding it to the keg and racking on top of it... fresher and all??? Other than that...
  14. sh00t

    my braggart(ish), please critique

    Here's what I brewed up today; 6 lbs honey 1 lb dme 1/2 lb honey malt (mashed overnight) 1 lb turbanado sugar 1 cup adagio apricot green tea (post boil) safbrew 33 I got it in a 5 gallon bucket and I think I'll let it ferment for about a month then I'll rack into a 7 gallon bucket and top off to...
  15. sh00t

    my braggart(ish), please critique

    6 lbs honey ---can easily increase this 1 lb dme 1 gallon blackberries 1 oz cascade hops safale-04 or would safbrew-33 be better???
  16. sh00t

    White Labs Clarity Ferm

    hmmm... ok, so here's what is going on... I was out of town and just got back last night, the airlock was percolating slowly (a week in) but my place was a little chilly so I turned the heat up to 70F... the next morning I woke up to a see that the krausen had gotten so big it was blowing into...
  17. sh00t

    I love rye!

    I think AHS has a couple different rye beers, one is on special for $20 too that I got my eye on. Hurry up payday!!!
  18. sh00t

    White Labs Clarity Ferm

    Hello! So after I chilled my wort I forgot to add White Labs Clarity Ferm. Of course its directions state: So does anyone have any experience with adding this after a week into primary? Or any advice, thoughts.. anything :) I'm not broken up about it but it is a kolsch and when someone...
  19. sh00t

    AHS Pecan Porter reviews???

    Mine didn't want to push a head until I got to the bottom of the keg... so I guess it aged a little more... still delicious....
  20. sh00t

    siphon from Ferm bucket to Bottling bucket without Auto-Siphon

    sucking on the hose sucks but does work in a pinch... i started out that way then moved to the filling the tube with water and found it sucks too... auto-siphons are cheap, so do it one of the two previous ways but invest in an auto-siphon later. Again, this is just MY preference and TETO