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    Starting Over/Catching Up

    Hey guys. I'm returning to brewing after a 3 year sabbatical. I lost just about all of my equipment over the moves and such so I'm starting from scratch. I won't be a beginning brewer and have used most advanced techniques and equipment. I'm looking to save space and more importantly make for...
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    Cheap refractometer

    Hey guys. I've been looking to add a refractometer to my brewery for a while and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference between this one that I found for $25 and the one that the homebrew shops sell for $60. Just to pre-empt the [email protected] out there, yes I know of the $35...
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    Secondary regulators ruined?

    This is a first. I have a 5lb tank hooked up to a good primary regulator. From the primary is a length of tubing that runs to 3 secondary regulators that are plumbed together with pipe. There is another series of 3 secondary regulators connected to those via another short length of clear...
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    Beer in Galveston, TX

    I'm going to Galveston for the weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of any bars/restaurants with decent beer selections there.
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    Extract brewing without steeping grains or partial mash

    I've been brewing all-grain for a while but having kids has taken its toll on my free time for brewing. My typical brew day has been to start warming mash water at 6am and maybe get done by 11 or 12. I used to brew about a batch per week but now I'm lucky to get one per month. I'm looking for...
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    Samichlaus Day is aproaching

    I was going to try to brew a Samichlaus beer this year. I read the article in Zymurgy and my homebrewing club has carried this tradition for years. I'm new to the club so I am not familiar with the beer. Is anyone here familiar with the Zurich Lager(WLP885) yeast from White Labs? I'm trying...
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    Do you have to drink the whole bottle?

    If you open a bottle of mead, do you need to drink the whole thing immediately or is it resistant to oxidation? I have one of those systems with the rubber caps and the pump to suck the air out. Would that work to preserve it if I didn't want to drink the whole bottle?
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    Mash temp and attenuation

    I am making a beer from someone else's recipe but I'm stuck using Wyeast 1968 London ESB and the recipe called for WLP013 London Ale. From what I'm seeing about these yeasts the WLP013 has a higher attenuation leaving the beer a bit drier than the 1968. Can I make this adjustment via the mash...
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    Question about yeast starter temp

    I've heard that you can make a starter to grow the yeast and then let it floc out in the fridge, decant the spent wort, and then pitch it which is better if you are making a very large starter and don't want the spent starter wort in your beer. I've also heard that it's best to pitch the yeast...
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    Anything to see in NE Dallas area?

    I'm visiting a friend this weekend in the suburbs northeast of Dallas(Sachse?). Is there anything out there that I shouldn't miss while I'm in the area? I don't get out there much.
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    Why is repitched yeast better?

    I've heard many people say that you just end up with a better beer after repitching the same yeast. But that's all I've heard. That it's just better. Can anyone explain why? Jamil Z. says that after about the 3rd batch he's noticed that he really gets some outstanding beers. One...
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    What size shanks do I need?

    I'm having trouble figuring out how long I need my shanks. I'm planning on making my collar 2" thick and then I'm putting a facade in front of my keezer to blend in with the cabinets that I'm thinking should add another 2" max. When reading the desciption of the shanks at beveragefactory, they...
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    keezer conversion - what do I need?

    I've got all of my kegs and most of my fermenters full now so I need to get back to this project. I've been just opening the lid using party taps to this point and bumping the CO2 hose from keg to keg as needed. I've already ordered my faucets. I actually have 2 CO2 tanks because I want to...
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    preventing swamp cooler mess

    Does anyone know if you can prevent the mess that is created by using the swamp cooler method? My guest bathtub is a mess every time I use it for this. I was thinking maybe something like pool chemicals or household cleaners. Could this harm the beer? Would simply cycling the water every few...
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    Buying beer online

    Some guys in a homebrew club that I just joined told me about these two sites and wasn't sure if all here were familiar with them. I didn't even think that you could buy beer online. John's Grocery Inc.: Beer: World-class beer department The Online Beer Store - Buy Beer Online This is...
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    Can you add IBUs after fermentation?

    Is it possible to do something like a hop tea with a long boil to add hop bitterness after a beer is completely fermented? I kegged an IPA that is WAY too sweet and am looking for a way to salvage it. I'm pretty close to dumping all 5 gallons as it is.
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    24 days and still bubbling

    I've never seen this before but I have a strong scotch ale that is still producing a significant amount of CO2 24 days after pitching the yeast. OG was 1.077. I used two packages of Wyeast 1338 European Ale each in a 500mL starter. This is the first that I've used this yeast so this may be...
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    beer in my gas line and regulator

    Hey guys. I saw a thread here where someone suggested turning the bottle upside to carbonate with the carbonator cap. I tried this weekend and must have not had enough pressure on because I got beer in my line and regulator. What do I need to do to get this cleaned out and ready to use again?
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    ROI on going to bulk grain and hops

    Has anyone done the math on this recently? I typically buy two beers online and have them shipped milled with just the hops and yeast I need for that beer. I've been thinking about buying my grain and hops in bulk but realize there is going to be some upfront cost to get there. To buy the...
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    Fermentation cooler vs refrigerator vs son of fermentation

    These all sound like great options but what is the consensus on what is best? Let's consider cost, temp range, temp consistency, ease of use, space requirement, everything. I've read about all three options but want to hear them compared.