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  1. Bulls Beers

    Massachusetts Items for sale

    I'm selling some of my equipment. All in good shape. DM for more info. Thank you! 10-Corny kegs- $45ea ( may need some cleaning) Barley Crusher- $100 Spike brewing kettle- 10 gallon- $100 I also have a brand new one in the box for $125 2/ 5 gallon co tanks w/ duel regulator. $50 Sanyo...
  2. Bulls Beers

    Massachusetts Lager Beer Fest

    Anybody heard of Lager Beer Fest at the Cyclorama? They are looking for volunteers. I figured I'd put this right here.
  3. Bulls Beers

    If you could do it over again, Would you change your career?

    When I met my wife 24 years ago she was so afraid to fly. Over the years we traveled so much that she over came her fear. She started to like flying so much that every Christmas and Birthday, I started buying her a few hours of flying lessons. We got to talking recently and she said if she could...
  4. Bulls Beers

    Halloween costumes

    My wife is planning a Halloween party fundraiser for her charity next week and I have no idea what to wear. I love Halloween, but I don't really dress up. I'm sure some of you guys are dressing up and doing something. I need some suggestions. Something simple would be great.
  5. Bulls Beers

    Nissan Rogue or Altima? Which one?

    I'm getting a company car and I have two choices, a Nissan Rogue or an Altima. I'm not sure of the particulars, like if it's fully loaded or base model. I'm assuming base model. Does anybody have either of these cars. I'm familiar with Nissan, since I've driven Maxima's for years. I've had 4 of...
  6. Bulls Beers

    A blizzard is coming!!!!!We are all gonna DIE!!!!!

    Less than an inch of snow on the ground and they cancel school. What a friggin joke. 24 hour coverage for this huge storm... We are going to maybe get 4 or 5". Oh no!! Back in my day....
  7. Bulls Beers

    Tap the bottom of a corny keg

    Would it be possible or has anybody put a tap at the bottom of a corny keg?
  8. Bulls Beers

    Dog name suggestions

    I'm thinking on getting a dog and as the title says, I'm looking for name suggestions for dog. I'm sure we can come up with something.
  9. Bulls Beers

    decanted most of the liquid out of the starter.

    The title says it all. I was decanting the liquid out of my starter and poured out too much. I'm not able to swish anything. Should I make up some DME let cool and add or just boiled water or what? I guess I wouldn't need much. All the yeast starters I've done and never have I done this.
  10. Bulls Beers

    If you were to buy a house, what is most important to you?

    Would it be quality of schools, a nice neighborhood, garage, lot size, a certain area? Since I've starting looking for another house, I can't find anything I like. Either the houses are too close together or the backyard drops off like a cliff or it's located on a highway. I'm not really asking...
  11. Bulls Beers

    Balsamic Vinegar

    Anybody attempt to make Traditional Balsamic Vinegar? I know it can take up to 10-15 years to do it right. This might be a very tall task, but I'm thinking on trying.
  12. Bulls Beers

    How do you clean out your picnic tap lines??

    I have 2 regular taps and two picnic tap lines. My regular tap lines are pretty standard, but I don't want to have to use gas to clean out the picnic taps. What do you do?
  13. Bulls Beers

    Home remedies that work.

    I need one now. My son has the flu and has been coughing all day. We've tried honey and some OTC kid medicines. Nothing is working. He's only eight, so we can't give him regular cough medicine. This poor kid can't stop coughing. Any ideas??
  14. Bulls Beers

    Butter or Margarine?

    Which do you prefer? I used to use margarine like olivio, but I seem to use butter more. I know butter might not be as healthy, but on popcorn or whatever, it tastes so much better.
  15. Bulls Beers

    Shopping sucks..

    Every year I say that I'm going to spend less and every year I over do it..I can't think of anything I hate more than going to the malls at this time of year. Thanks goodness I work from home and I can go at odd times, but it still sucks. I swear next year, I will NOT spend like the year before...
  16. Bulls Beers

    Anybody living or know someone with SVT(Supraventricular Tachycardia)

    My 8 YO son has been diagnosed with it. Well, the Cardiologist said it's probably this, but he needs to do some more testing. A few weeks ago my some said that his heart was racing and felt dizzy. I told him to sit down and relax, but I really didn't think much of it. This past week I was out of...
  17. Bulls Beers

    Edelmetal Bru Burner

    Anybody use this burner? How good is it?
  18. Bulls Beers

    Funny scenes in a movie..

    It doesn't have to be a great movie. I just watched "This is the end". A mediocre movie with a few good scenes..., but one scene was so funny. When Craig mentioned he drank his own pee and then Seth Rogan was drinking his own pee. Oh man, that was funny. I've watched it tens times. But...
  19. Bulls Beers

    Darker Yeast

    I bought a vile of WL830 German Lager yeast yesterday. I took it out of the fridge to warm up a bit to make a starter. I just noticed that it looks dark. Dark like coco. I've used this yeast a bunch of times and it is usually a lot lighter. Anybody else experience this?
  20. Bulls Beers

    The most overrated band and/or singer

    I'm sure you guys will name some bands that I love, but Bob Dylan is just horrible. Maybe one good album. For 30 years people think he's a genius. I just don't get it. Oh and the Dave Matthews Band. Mediocre at best, but I think is totally overrated.