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  1. Hackwood

    My 1st infection! WOOHOO!

    Brewed 3 - 10 gallon batches a couple of weeks ago and the last 10gal I forgot to make starters(too much HB while brewing) and had to let the wort is 3 days before yeasties were ready. Split the batch into 2 - 5gal ferm buckets and when I aerated the first all was good. The second, though, had a...
  2. Hackwood

    Sierra Beer: Bigfoot Fermentation Time Lapse

    Wish it was slowed down a little, but cool to see!
  3. Hackwood

    AWESOME! Vets opening their own.....

    Vets making a living with their craft beer! HELL YEAH!
  4. Hackwood

    Brew Stand Design Help Needed....

    O.K. So I thought I had seen a pic a few days back while surfing the interwebs that showed either a design or actual built Dual-3-Tier/gravity Brew Stand. A few days later and now my interest is peaked!!!! I want to build it. If I remember correctly, it was a 3or4" post for the middle beam...
  5. Hackwood

    Do I trust my wife?

    On Monday, 03/18/2013, I brewed my AmberBock clone and it has been fermenting away nicely at 54deg. At one week or so I will start dropping the temp down 1-2 degrees a day until I reach approximately 34deg. Problem! I am leaving town for over a week and will have to depend on my wife to adjust...
  6. Hackwood

    The strangest beers in America

    Reading this now. Might find something interesting. :mug:
  7. Hackwood

    Lack of bubbles means????????

    This is a 10 gallon batch of English Bitter that I brewed yesterday(01-05-2012). One batch split between 2-6.5 gallon fermenters. Both were pitched from the same starter and aerated and sealed exactly the same. As you can see, one is bubbling away and the other hasn't produced a single bubble...
  8. Hackwood

    Stumbled upon 40+lbs of Special B

    Unmilled. Great deal(with 50lbs of some other grain). How long am I going to have this Special B around. I figure 2 years.. Is there some "Special Brew" that calls for a LOT of Special B?
  9. Hackwood

    FREE chest freezer!!!! (:

    Heading home after work. Cruising by a yard sale or 2. Pull up to last one and the people are done for the day. Holler out "If you want anything that's left it's FREE!" Backed my truck up and loaded it into the bed. Plugged it in when I got home and YEP!!! It works. YAY FREE CHEST FREEZER!
  10. Hackwood

    Finished my Mash Tun.

    Finished up last week and already did my first all-grain batch(Summer Ale). I had zero problems and everything ran PERFECT. I was concerned about the cooler choice as I hadn't seen anyone use this cooler to date. It is a little big, but I do plan on running some 10+ gallon batches in the future...
  11. Hackwood

    Not fermenting yet???

    Brewing my 1st extract Lager. Brewer's Best, German Oktoberfest(sp). Cooked it up this past Sunday(8-5-12). Cooled to 50-55. Added water to OG(vigorously). Pitched yeast and stirred for 5+minutes. Capped everything off and added starsan to airlock. Put in ferment-chiller that goes between...