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  1. SauceBoss

    Colorado beers

    I would recommend checking out first what they have in CO that you cant get in Chicago. is a good start as you can compare the differences and then ask him to get what ever may peak your interest :)
  2. SauceBoss

    True Brew Extract Kit Reviews

    I have heard that they are not bad yet I have not actually tried one myself. If you love NB so much, may I ask why you would consider a different brand/supplier?
  3. SauceBoss

    Burner advice

    I have one that is similar to the first one you posted and it hasnt failed me yet. If its cost youre worried about I would consider the first burner and with the money you save get something else that you need :)
  4. SauceBoss

    Identifying styles of beer

    Do you happen to have a brewing program? If so, I would plug everything in and gauge the color, bitterness and what not and take it from there.
  5. SauceBoss

    half carboy

    exactly my thoughts.
  6. SauceBoss

    'syruppy' brews

    Yea I would think that the all the sugars are not being turned into alcohol leaving which in turn could leave a syrupy/malty taste. Do as they have mentioned above and make a starter as well as calculating your OG/FG and this should help. I just made a scotch ale where I actually added syrup...
  7. SauceBoss

    Quick sanitation question...

    Thanks a lot Scott for your comment. It does provide me a piece of mind and while the post was noobish in context I do my very best to ensure all elements of my brewing from start to finished are done as sanitary as possible. It does provide me some peace of mind and now I am just counting down...
  8. SauceBoss

    Quick sanitation question...

    Hey all, I have a quick question which I am sure can get cleared up quickly. I've read through the forums and I know that while nothing may grow in vodka, it is not to be used as a sanitizer. Well, my dilemma lies in the fact that I brewed a mead on leap year and while at work my roommate...
  9. SauceBoss

    One Beer for Life

    Im a CCB fan boy and this is def a beer I cant get enough of. This would be my choice:
  10. SauceBoss

    my first competition

    Im entering mine with the Central Florida Home Brew Club soon. Itll be my first time and its a 80 schilling scotch. Congrats by the way! :)
  11. SauceBoss

    Where is Peyton Manning Headed? poll

    As Redskin fan I am hoping that he does not go to DC and that we work to either get Flynn or RGIII. :)
  12. SauceBoss

    Happy Birthday Yooper!

    Happy birthday!! Hope you have a good one :)
  13. SauceBoss

    Always use a blow off

    hmmm i chose to not use the blow off as good yeast can get 'blown off' no? Instead I upgraded from my 5 gallon glass carboy and bought a 6 gallon better bottle used to make 5 gallon batch. It rises...doesnt hit my air lock...and then drops. I use the glass carboys for secondary
  14. SauceBoss

    Smoking a turkey?

    I made one this past thanks giving and it all depends on the side. A rule of thumb ive always heard is when the breast is 170 your good but then again you need to take into account that almost always it takes the dark meat longer to cook. To counter this, I left the turkey out prior to smoking...
  15. SauceBoss

    Idea to simplify AG brewing

    I made a mash tun out of a 10 gal cooler as many have here on the forums and it works perfect. You just need to batch sparge and youre golden :)
  16. SauceBoss

    good resource for beer info

    Thats the fun of the internet. Every time I have a question or am just curious, I will try and hunt down as many forums/websites to see what the common answer is. When it comes to brewing, I am sure everyone does everything at least a little bit different so If I can soak in as much information...
  17. SauceBoss

    Cheap(er) way to go from extract to AG 3 tier

    I actually did this myself. I have a 42 qt pot and a nice burner outside. I converted a 10 gal rubbermaid cooler into my MLT using the techniques that can be found here in the forums. As cfonnes presents, you cannot heat up the water in the mash tun directly but heating it up and then putting it...
  18. SauceBoss

    Malkore's (not so) Ancient Orange Mead

    thanks for the feedback. What does 'take it off the lees' mean? I will def look into sulfiting it for sure :)
  19. SauceBoss

    Probably been done but...

    Im thinking CCB Jai-alai the regular or white oak aged for the same reasons that Revvy mentioned. Its a beer that I can drink that I honestly dont think I can grow tired of (ive had a lot of it and if I would have grown tired of it, it would have probably already happened).