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  1. TheYoshi

    New Jersey The nightmare of CO2 acquisition that is northern NJ!

    Man, just moved to NJ (Kinnelon) from Austin, TX. I've lived all over the country but I've never experienced anything like this place when it comes to the simple act of getting a filled CO2 tank. I'm still in the process of setting up my brewery in the new place (basement, going full...
  2. TheYoshi

    Chilling in TX

    Thanks for the tips all, I definitely think I'll look into a small pump to recirc ice water through the immersion, that seems like it would be much more effective and less of an ice eater than trying to use a pre-chiller. I went through 40lbs yesterday with the pre-chiller method. I usually...
  3. TheYoshi

    Chilling in TX

    yeah it took 40lbs of ice to use my pre-chiller, also as I get moved into pumps I think recirculatinging the pre-chiller water would make a big difference. I chilled down to 100 using the tap water, then "activated" the pre-chiller (aka dumped ice in the bucket it was in) to get it the rest of...
  4. TheYoshi

    Chilling in TX

    I just moved to Austin from central PA. First allow me to point out a few differences for my personal set up 1. In PA I was on a well, damn near perfect water. Here city water, chloromine city and very very hard. 2. Temp wise the well ran around 58 year round. Here, my hose runs at 80. 3...
  5. TheYoshi

    Sparkletts water from HD

    I am tempted to assume mineral content is fine for brewing and maybe throw in some gypsum since I'm making an IIPA
  6. TheYoshi

    Sparkletts water from HD

    Right but it also says "with minerals added for flavor" this makes me nervous about adding much to it without knowing specifics.
  7. TheYoshi

    Sparkletts water from HD

    Anyone use this? I picked some up the other day but won't be brewing for another day or two. I can't find any data about actual mineral content.
  8. TheYoshi

    Water filtration

    What thing exactly did you buy from HD? Also "sillcock" hehehe. Yes I am a child.
  9. TheYoshi

    Firestone Double Jack

    Union jack is good but double is just so insanely good.
  10. TheYoshi

    Firestone Double Jack

    This is an ancient thread but I thought I'd dig it up as I'm also a huge fan of this beer... I've found two AG recipes for the beer: 1. 2. They are...
  11. TheYoshi

    BeerSmith 2.0

    I've been using Beersmith for a bit now and trying to get used to it, I think I'm going to go back to BeerAlchemy. I am admittedly a mac guy and was excited when BS 2.0 came out with Mac support, bought it immediately. That said, the UI is just horrific, it's beyond being not user friendly, it's...
  12. TheYoshi

    Beer Alchemy

    I've used BA for a while now and found it to be accurate, that said I've only used it for all grain never for extract so I can't comment there. That said I would definitely weigh the grains out yourself as has been mentioned here. If you want to post your recipe file here I'll take a look at it...
  13. TheYoshi

    My Fermentation Chamber Build

    did you special order the insulation? I seem to have a hard time finding thicker than 1" here in TX
  14. TheYoshi

    Oxidation: Don't do what I did

    I've never had it happen to me before, never even had a bad batch, not great recipes sure, but always at least drinkable. This is wretched, oh well, live and learn.. still pisses you off.
  15. TheYoshi

    Oxidation: Don't do what I did

    I just hosed a Pliny clone as well.. I've brewed it multiple times with no issue but I decided to get cute and swirl the secondary a bit to try to keep the dry hops roused... tastes terrible. I never felt I was aerating it, just gently swirling but I've brewed this beer a few times and it's...
  16. TheYoshi

    FG Reading tastes kind of sour..need advice

    I have something weird going on with a Pliny clone I just brewed. I used the "old" recipe with mash hops, warrior and chinook. vs the new recipe I've always used. Also my first brew since moving to Austin from PA so I'm going from being on a well to being on city water. I just tried it out of...
  17. TheYoshi

    Yeast Recommendations for IPA

    Maybe that new San Diego yeast from white labs?
  18. TheYoshi

    Kegging in modified sankes

    I agree, why do you feel the need to modify it? I use sanke's for kegging all the time with no issue.
  19. TheYoshi

    WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast

    How would you compare it flavor profile wise to WLP001? I'm a dry IIPA drinker (and therefore frequent brewer) and love the idea of a really fast WLP001.
  20. TheYoshi

    Carboy vs Conical cleaning & convenience

    That's how I clean then but like I said, it's not that it's "hard" it's just that it's annoying. Also annoying is cleaning racking canes and siphon hose. Just seems the whole works would be easier if I could just dump it out a valve.. Really trying to find out if it there is another cleaning...