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  1. Pelikan

    Hop'speriment 2015

    I'm using an appropriated clothesline, inspired by an old article I read years ago. Length between poles is 50ft and the poles themselves are 7ft high. They were installed something like 25 years ago and haven't been regularly used in about 20 years. They certainly seem strong enough to hold...
  2. Pelikan

    Northern Brewer Disease Susceptible?

    Hey all. Finally getting back into the brew game after a few year hiatus. Growing hops for the first time. I have years of experience growing vegetables so I have a lot of general knowledge going in and feel comfortable growing hops. I picked up Centennial and Norther Brewer Rhizomes on...
  3. Pelikan

    Good Inexpensive Scotch?

    Hey there guys. As may be obvious I'm a craft beer drinker first, everything else a distant second. However a relative just came back from abroad and gave me a bottle of Glenlivet 12 year, by my understanding an entry-level single malt. I have to say I quite like it. I've had and enjoyed...
  4. Pelikan

    Alcohol/Eggnog in HDPE Milk Jugs?

    Hey there. Making some homemade eggnog for the holidays. I'm wondering if this can be decanted into standard grocery store HDPE milk jugs (gallon, half gallon, etc). I seem to vaguely recall a recipe for spontaneous cider fermentation that used a regular gallon milk jug. Ghetto, I know, but...
  5. Pelikan

    Near-New Crankandstein 3D (3 roller) Mill w/ Hopper & Stainless Rollers

    I was accepted into a great graduate program on the other side of the country. As such, I have to sell pretty much everything that isn't bolted down. Bought this mill a little less than six months ago. At the time, I requested the hopper/base option ($35), and stainless rollers for longevity...
  6. Pelikan

    Protein Rest for a Belgian Wit?

    A little while ago, I threw some father's day recipes out there for critique. One of them was a Wit, with a nice proportion of torrified wheat. One poster suggested I do a protein rest at 133*F. It seemed a bit counter-intuitive, given this is a wit (and all that implies), but the man...
  7. Pelikan

    A Few Continental/Father's Day Recipes...Critiques?

    The Father's Day Trio Quite unintentionally, these three recipes were bouncing around in my mind when I realized "Hey, father's day isn't that far off." So I figure I'll do a beer for each of my grandfathers, and one for the main man himself. A gift they'll actually appreciate. Very much...
  8. Pelikan

    Chocolate Wheat Malt?

    Anyone use this before? Considering a restrained (~8 oz) portion in an upcoming Alt.
  9. Pelikan

    German Conundrum...

    I'd like to brew up something for my grandfather, for father's day. He's German, and the beer I see him drink the most is Beck's Dark, although he's not opposed to others. He's tried -- and liked -- an English Barleywine of mine. Really, the only stuff I've seen him refuse is BMC. With that...
  10. Pelikan

    Unmalted Wheat: Any Diastatic Power?

    EDIT Did some reading, and adjusted some things. This is what I've got now: 3 lb Maris Otter 2 lb 6-Row 4 lb Torrified Wheat 8 oz Flaked Oats I've determined (rightly or wrongly) that American 6-row can take up to 60% adjuncts. So the 6-row addition in and of itself is about enough to...
  11. Pelikan

    4 days on the stir plate?!

    I made up a starter Monday morning, thinking I'd be brewing that evening. Well, life happened...three days in a row. My California Ale starter has been going for the better part of four days now. So I'm faced with a choice: Brew tonight and pitch as normal, or wait until the weekend, get a...
  12. Pelikan

    Mash Temps for a Wit?

    Trying to figure out if wits are generally mashed high, low, in the middle, etc. I'd guess low, but am not sure.
  13. Pelikan

    Hexed IPA (all grain recipe)

    6 ounces of hops = an IPA that's quite literally hexed. Looking for some feedback on this one. Brewing later tonight. The following are estimates, based upon 75% mash efficiency, ~78.5% attenuation. 4oz 43ppg DME factored in for the starter. Style: American IPA Size: 5.25 gallons Mash...
  14. Pelikan

    Priming Solution: To Cool or Not To Cool

    I've gotten into the habit of cooling my priming solution each and every time. But last night's bottling session was a nightmare for more reasons than one; suffice it to say, I couldn't cool the sugar down to "normal" temps. As such, it was added to the bottling bucket hot. Can anyone see...
  15. Pelikan

    All American Stout (all grain recipe)

    Trying my hand at an American Stout. Came up with the thoroughly original name, "All-American Stout," :p. That aside, haven't done the style before; looking for any and all recommendations. Brewing this evening (Sunday, 4/5), so any suggested changes should come before then. FYI, the special...
  16. Pelikan

    Yeast Viability...

    I have a mini-fridge I use for keeping my beer ingredients. Seems like I left the door cracked for a day, maybe up to two. Temp rose to about 55-60*F during that time. I have a few White Labs vials in there, what's the prognosis?
  17. Pelikan

    Airlock Activity at Two Weeks?

    I'm getting airlock activity after almost two weeks in the primary. It's been constant since pitch, but has gradually slowed to the bubble every minute or so that it's at now. This is the first time I've done a "true top cropping" strain, perhaps they're a bit slower?
  18. Pelikan

    Brown Hefe?

    I'm reading an interesting article on hops in a Brew mag. It mentions brown hefe, an intensely bitter component of the kraeusen that's sometimes skimmed when one is looking for smoother/less bitterness. So I'm thinking, every time I use the better bottle, I have to use a blow-off tube...
  19. Pelikan

    "True-Top Cropper" Disaster

    Okay, so I picked up Essex the other day for an ESB, marketed as a "true top cropper." Fair enough, but with my OG so low, I didn't think I'd need a blow off tube. That is, not until I came down the basement this morning, and saw about a quart of Essex slurry all over the floor. Questions...
  20. Pelikan

    Help with a Belgian Wit?

    Not at all familiar with this style from a brewing perspective, but it's a favorite among friends. I have the basics down, but could use some help with the details. OG 1.044 FG: 1.009 IBU: 22 4 lbs Pale Malt (probably pilsner, but depends upon what I have on hand) ~4 lbs Torrified Wheat 6...