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  1. dragon99

    Do I need the cover on both sides of the gang box?

    I believe the problem would be that its harder to cut an exact size hole for the element directly in the gang box. If you punch the 1 1/4" hole directly in the gang box then you can probably skip the back plate.
  2. dragon99

    AHS - Anniversary Kolsch

    I brewed this kit last night. I too was a little thrown by the amount (and type) of hops included for late hopping. Tettanger or Hersbrucker are the hops of choice for the style. And there is typically no aroma addition. My guess is they used the sale as an opportunity to clear out some excess...
  3. dragon99

    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    The wort correction factor is used when "Alcohol correction" is enabled. This allows you to get a FG reading from fermented beer (the alcohol messes with refractometers). The exact wort correction varies for every brewery, but typically 1.04 is close enough (its usually between 1.02 and 1.06)...
  4. dragon99

    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    I'm going to try and save mine until Christmas. Or as close to that as I can hold out.
  5. dragon99

    Bourbon County Stout clone attempt

    Interesting recipe. I'm brewing mine tonight and just stumbled on this thread. Here's the recipe I'm going with. I originally planned to do this as no-sparge (hence the 55% eff), but I'll probably go with a tight mash and sparge a gallon or so. What type of oak did you go with? I purchased...
  6. dragon99

    Brewhemoth conicals?

    What are you using to pump and cool through the immersion chiller? Just ice water? and a small submersible pump? There's mention of a jacketed version which I find VERY exciting. Is that going to be sold as a kit? Or would I have to add my own glycol chiller?
  7. dragon99

    wooden conical fermenter

    If your into lambics it would be great. And yes, it would be a thing of beauty I'm sure. I can't imagine there's any possible way to sanitize a wooden fermenter (short of burning it out) tho.
  8. dragon99

    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    Woohoo update is finally available from App store. Thanks again for the great App. Here's hoping for xml import soon. I have two friends who now have BrewPal and I'd love to share my recipes.
  9. dragon99

    Calling all Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. freezer owners!

    If I understand what your asking correctly... ~9inches from the top of the lid to the wall (assuming its pushed up against). Mine is about 2 inches away from the wall and its 11.5"
  10. dragon99

    Calling all Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. freezer owners!

    I purchased mine approx 1 year ago and I can easily get 4 cornies on the floor plus a 10lb CO2.
  11. dragon99

    Electric boil kettle and immersion chiller

    Don't know that I have a perfect answer for ya yet, but I'm in the process of building a Counter-top 20 and I have every intention of using an immersion chiller. Soldering on a couple/three legs sounds like the best bet. A few pieces of copper tubing straightened and cut about 1-2" long outta...
  12. dragon99

    Consistently missing OG / Need Advice

    I'm with EBloom97. Basically you just need to lower you expectations. If your consistently missing your OG, then 75% eff isn't what you should be basing your recipe on. The next question you have to ask is if you are OK with a lower efficiency? Personally I rarely get better than 70%eff and I'm...
  13. dragon99

    Countertop Brutus 20

    Does anyone ever have problems with condensation while brewing indoors? I had planned to set this up in my laundry room until I considered there's no vent hood there.
  14. dragon99

    Brew Pal software in the iTunes App Store

    What version of iPhone OS are you on? I'm assuming your on the latest (3.1.3) We can always hope that the app gets updated for 4.0 with some fixes.
  15. dragon99

    Can you Brew It database

    I enjoy the CYBI series, but hate having to go back and re-listen to get recipes. Solid work. Thank you!
  16. dragon99

    Local brews in Hawaii?

    Just a quick note. Kona Brewing is great, but if you bought it in a six-pack, it didn't come from Hawaii. Kona doesn't bottle any beer. They contract brew their bottled beer from a couple breweries in the continental US (I wanna say its Red Hook that brews it for them). I visited the brewery...
  17. dragon99

    Building Water from Distilled - Easy Recipes?

    I build mine from RO (not DI). For APA and IPA's (most of what I brew) I use: 2 tsp Chalk 2 tsp CaCl2 2 tsp Gypsum I don't mess with adding Epsom salts (for Mg+) though it probably woudn't hurt. I'm getting enough Na+ from my source water (even after RO) that I don't have to add table salt...
  18. dragon99

    where does one go from here?

    Try this BYO article. Might give ya some ideas. http://***********/stories/article/indices/19-brewing-tips/11-10-things-homebrewers-need-to-try
  19. dragon99

    Best use of Vanilla beans

    +1 to beanilla To clarify, scraping doesn't mean throwing away what is scraped. You still use everything. Scraping the inside of the bean just allows better mixing of the beer and bean as someone above mentioned. When cooking with vanilla beans alot of times just the inside of the bean is...