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  1. mewithstewpid

    ISO: JK La Vie en Rose FT: NEBCO or Tree House Growler

    Looking for this raspberry wild ale for our tasting coming up. Will get Tree House growler or NEBCO growler filled. NEBCO has Galaxy pale on tap this weekend, Tree house has Green (awesome), TWSS milk stout, and a new pale ale. thanks!
  2. mewithstewpid

    Ft: Julius ISO: atrial

    As stated! Fresh julius growler filled Saturday. They said it was legged Thursday. Very fresh and very good. It's a 750ml swing top tree house growler. edit: closed
  3. mewithstewpid

    FT: flower power and dirt wolf

    Got some fresh IPAs Looking for stouts, sours, or pretty much anything I can't get
  4. mewithstewpid

    NEBCO Growlers for Hill Farmstead Growlers

    Hello! Can get growlers filled at NEBCO fresh. Looking to trade for HIll Farmstead growlers of abner and life without principle #3. I also have bottles of 1400 bottle release of bourbon barrel aged imperial stout trooper. Let me know! Thanks, Rich
  5. mewithstewpid

    FT: NEBCO Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Trooper, Others on Tap

    Have some of the new 2013 release of New England Brewing Co.'s Bourbon-Barrel aged Imperial Stout Trooper. Aged 10 months in barrels. 1400 bottles total. Can also get their stuff on tap and send 32 or 64 oz growlers (when available, things rotate at the brewery), and cans of 668 and Elm...
  6. mewithstewpid

    Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy

    Ok, this beer absolutly blew me away when I was able to try it. Anyone ever have it, or tried to clone it? It is one of the Single Hop series from Hill Farmstead. For style, it says a double IPA, 8% ABV, single hopped with Galaxy. For hints to the recipe, I looked at their other double IPA...
  7. mewithstewpid

    Help with Mosaic Pale Ale

    Just wanted to get some opinions on an APA designed to highlight the new mosaic hop. I'm pretty set on using s-04, but other than that i have more hops and grain to add. 3 Gallon Batch OG 1.05 IBU 40 6lb (90%) Pearl Malt .33 (5%) White Wheat Malt .33 (5%) Caramel 60 (or maybe...
  8. mewithstewpid

    Please Critique My Wedding Beer

    Hello All, Wanted to get some opinions on a beer I will be handing out as a wedding favor in February. Overall, the people attending are not really craft brew drinkers. I would say that about 30% are, while the remaining are either "normal" beer drinkers or wine drinkers. Previously I...
  9. mewithstewpid

    Im in CT, let me know what you would like

    Im in CT, can get the new england brews (allagash, magic hat, harpoon, berkshire brewing, etc) as well as a lot of east coast beers (DFH) Looking for some other stuff, let me know what you would like to trade. Here is a list of beers potentially available at my two local stores. The...
  10. mewithstewpid

    Dry Hopping in a Tap-a-Draft

    Im planning a saison, and want to dry hop only a portion of it with amarillo in the "keg" aka tap-a-draft. Ive been thinking about the best way to do this as to not get too many grassy flavors. In HBT's opinion, would it be better to dry hop at bottling time, then let the beer sit in the tap a...
  11. mewithstewpid

    General Stock Trading Thread

    Anyone else in the HBT wold trade stocks or follow the market daily?!?!? I am not financial analyst or day trader, but I love following stocks and the economy and investing in companies. There HAS to be others on this site! The stock i'm looking at today is SBUX. Its down 2.25% off...
  12. mewithstewpid

    "My Quotes" Tab

    Hello, I really enjoyed the "My Quotes" tab to quickly see who quoted me, allowing me to respond to them much easier than going thru each of the threads i responded in to see if someone asked me a question or whatnot. with the new update, I cannot for the life of me find this "My Quotes" tab...
  13. mewithstewpid

    vanilla wheat porter

    inspired by both the wheat porter and dry dock vanilla porter from NB, what do you think of this recipe for a vanilla wheat porter? Vanilla Wheat Porter: Mini Mash: 3lb marris otter 1lb chocolate wheat 1lb flaked wheat .5lb english black malt .5lb caramel 40 mash at 152-154 deg sparge at...
  14. mewithstewpid

    Oak Aged Scottish-style 80/-

    edit: sorry it says "all grain," this is an extract beer and I can't figure out how to change it! This is a simple extract Scottish-style 80/- that is aged in an oak barrel used previously for whiskey: Steep at 150-170 for 30 minutes: 1# Caramel 80L .5# Carapils Boil: 6# Pilsen DME Hops...
  15. mewithstewpid

    Fruit Beer Hopped Blood Orange Hefeweizen

    OK, this one may get some looks, but it really is amazing. I gave this to my skeptical, hefeweizen-hating friends and they were blown away. It is a very simple recipe with an absurd amount of hops, which allows the hop flavor and aroma to break through wyeast 3068's presence (trust me, you...
  16. mewithstewpid

    Need Major Help with Blueberry Stout!!!

    Hello everyone! three weeks ago i brewed a simple oatmeal stout, the recipe was simple: 2# 2-row 1# oatmeal .5# english black .5# english chocolate 6# gold dme s-04 After fermentation (see my other thread: s-04 two Days) the beer tasted great. smooth, roasty, chocolaty. I racked it on top...
  17. mewithstewpid

    How long can I age in a barrel?

    Hello sour beer folks, ive searched for this and couldnt find a conclusive answer, and have tured to you for some knowledge. i am getting an oak barrel (5gal) soon, and after i oak age some beers in it i want to turn it into a sour barrel. pretty standard. My question is how long can i...
  18. mewithstewpid

    S-04 two days

    First time using s-04. Love it so far. Brewed a stout 1.072 on Sunday. Two days later I noticed the krausen had fallen. I took a reading for the hell of it and it was 1.025!!!!! The sample tasted like a stout too (with a bunch of hop debris of course!). Aiming for a three day ferment...
  19. mewithstewpid

    Critique Oatmeal Stout Recipe

    Still new to partial mash, so let me know what you think of this recipe for a blueberry oatmeal stout: minimash: 2# 2-row .5# english black malt .5# english chocolate malt .5# carapils .5# oats (quaker instant) @154deg 6lb Gold DME 1.5oz fuggle 60min .5oz fuggle 5 min s-04 secondary on top...
  20. mewithstewpid

    Saison recipe critique

    hello, how does this sound as a dry-hopped saison. partial mash. 5 gallons. Mini mash: 3# 2-row 1# belgian biscuit malt .5# Carapils 6lb Pilsen DME Hops: 1oz styrian goldings 60min 1oz czech saaz 20min 1oz sorachi ace 5 min 1oz sorachi ace leafs dry hop 7 days Wyeast 3711 w/ starter beer...