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  1. socalamcor

    pom wine dilution and dextrose additions

    Hate to bug you guys with something i am sure is simple but i am going brain dead at the moment. i am currently scaling down one of my grandfathers recipes for a pomegranate wine. 12 lbs sugar ( i think he used cane sugar i want to use dextrose) 3gal pom juice 7gal water he boiled pom...
  2. socalamcor

    reverse airflow in airlock

    I just got done racking my peach melo/meth again and added in a bit of co2 to make up for the bit left in the other carboy after racking over. right now the everclear i use in the airlock keeps getting sucked into the wrong side and air is being sucked into the carboy. why does it do this, can...
  3. socalamcor

    corny too full

    Ok I had to get my apfelwein out of its glass carboy. I am moving and did not want to deal with a possible break. I dont quite have my c02 system up so I eliminated as much head space as possible. I filled it to the brim and capped. What possible problems can I expect from filling the corny...
  4. socalamcor

    danby refrigerator troubles

    Cleaning out ice build up with a knife while drunk is not so much a good idea. There I was happily banging away with a sharp object a hair away from my hand when BAM!! I get a face full of refrigerant. Luckily I had no open flames nearby ( is the stuff actualy flammable?). Well anyway, now...
  5. socalamcor

    cranberry/lemon wine

    was wondering how things would work out with lemon juice going into a wine. if the acidity of the lemon would be too high or if it would be too overpowering for anything else with it. also i would apreciate a recomendation for a yeast on this one. i was thinking an ale yeast to get it to poop...
  6. socalamcor

    1.070 apfelwein

    well i wasnt watching which bag i grabbed and dumped in about 4 lbs of corn sugar instead of the 2 lb. pitched the 5g of montrachet. about what abv am i looking at, and will i have any problems with the montrachet with the higher gravity. (didnt realize i made the mistake til i took the...
  7. socalamcor

    first melomel racking onto more peaches

    airlock is finaly still on primary. ill be racking soon after i pull out the bit of floating peaches (unfortunately i didnt have them in a bag). i was thinking i could siphon out about 1 gallon into a carboy with the frozen peaches to help thaw them and some campden tabs, pectic enzyme about...
  8. socalamcor

    racking onto more peaches in secondary

    i will be racking my peach melo/meth to get it off of the peaches within the next day or two (two weeks on peaches). i have some frozen peaches that ill be adding into secondary what is a good way to defrost these without a big mess and should i add some campbden tabs to carboy before racking...
  9. socalamcor

    corn sugar vs cane sugar for apfelwein

    this will be my first apfelwein the recipe calls for dextrose but that is proving to be hard to find in local stores. can this be substituted with granulated cane sugar or should i go ahead and do a bit more searching for the corn sugar
  10. socalamcor

    too late for pectic enzyme?

    ok i have everything going in primary d47 was pitched last night and of all the things i forget, i forgot to put the pectic enzyme in. will it hurt to add it now or should i wait for secondary when i add more peaches anyways. and will it do any good at that point.
  11. socalamcor

    Hello from so cal

    I am from the san diego area. Found this site from yet another sleepless night ( hurray for insomnia). I am new to brewing, but the wealth of information ive found in this site has drawn me in. I have my first batch of mead going and a melo/meth in the works and hoping to have a third going...