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  1. WhiteWhale

    Great Mugs / glasses

    So I was looking through some of the Post a Pint thread, and saw alot of really cool mugs and glasses. I was wondering where everyone gets their mugs from? Do they buy them? Or after the countless years of going to that local watering hole, the bartender just decided he had a few extra laying...
  2. WhiteWhale

    Hello from Afghanistan (NC in One month)

    Im 24, while on deployment (since the time stands still and the money stacks) my buddy and I, started discussing beer. We came to the agreement that we both alwasy wanted to make our own, and hell, whats stoping us? Havent made a single batch yet, So far , the two of us have ordered everything...
  3. WhiteWhale

    Good first beer choice

    Myself and a buddy have gathered all the necessary equipment for AG brewing. We have been doing our research pretty hardcore, since neither I nor my friend has taken a swing at this, not even extract; we are wandering what a simple AG recipe would be? I’ve seen a lot of recipes that look...