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  1. Wing Nut

    Words of wisdom for a wedding

    Hey all! So my fiancé and I are going to tie the knot on the 25th. For attendants gifts we are going to give a bottle of our wild choke cherry wine we made two years ago. I was wondering if any of you guys had any words of wisdom we could put on the back. Something like "a marriage is like a...
  2. Wing Nut

    Ultra dry porter

    Hey all I brewed my first all grain batch on my new HERMS rig I used the wurzels coconut porter recipe. The brew day went pear shaped when I had a problem with the false bottom I used, It collapsed and I was unable to reticulate wort. This made bumping up the temperature very difficult. All...
  3. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    So I brewed my 1st batch in over two years last weekend. Since it was a spur of the moment brew session I had to buy my grains locally. Because I had moved since my last homebrew session I wasn't sure where to get my ingredients so I did a quick internet search and found the only shop in Regina...
  4. Wing Nut

    Op Overkill....AKA motorize my mill!

    Hey all! So I am back to brewing after a hiatus of nearly a year from brewing. Not to worry I had 5 corny kegs to keep me and my friends in beer for a while. It was a good thing that we had Half Pints nice and close to us so we could get good fresh beer when we needed it. The Little Scrapper...
  5. Wing Nut

    Perlick friction

    Hey all! My new Perlick faucets arrived yesterday from Austin Homebrew and am I excited! I installed them right away but noticed a issue. The friction is so low on these faucets that I am afraid that they may get bumped on resulting in a beer flood all over the floor. I have read the manual...
  6. Wing Nut

    Cleaning out flux

    Hey all! My brewery is just about ready to go. I finished soldering up all the copper fittings last night and am just hooking up the burners. I noticed that the flux I used was petroleum based. It is in the exact same container that the water soluble flux comes in and I didn’t notice it was...
  7. Wing Nut

    Alternative to the March Pumps

    Hello all, Well it is time I built a single tier system and I am looking at pump options. It would seem that March Pumps aren’t easily available in Canada. I have found one retailer but his price is very steep. I was looking into options and have come across two other pumps that may work...
  8. Wing Nut

    Walmart turkey fryer

    Damnn walmart turkey fryer!! I was using it to boil a 6 gal batch this weekend and the stupid thing kept going out. It apears in attempts to keep us from burning our houses down (and walmart geting sued) they have used a timer and a thermocouple that automaticaly turns off the burner if it gets...
  9. Wing Nut

    First all grain went well

    Well today was my first all grain brew! I made a double chocolate porter from paddock wood. The grains came all pre crushed so I wasn’t too worried about the crush. The rest went very well. I hit all my temps exactly, well the mash out was .3 degrees high but it shouldn’t effect stuff too bad. I...
  10. Wing Nut

    Additions to a port

    So I like a little port now and then, I found the winexpert port kit a while back and made it. It is currently in the clearing stages and was thinking of making a more flavorfull and authentic port. I was thinking of buying some oak chips and soaking them in a bit of brandy for a week or two...
  11. Wing Nut

    Planning a Beer Tasting Night

    Good day all, We have been looking for social functions at our officer’s mess (in Cold lake Alberta Canada) recently and I noticed that there is a lot of BMC drinking going on. I was thinking that a good reason to have a social function would be to have a beer tasting. This will allow other...
  12. Wing Nut

    Blue cheese

    Ok, The girlfreind loves her blue cheese. Real blue cheese you know the kind that almost wimpers when you cut into it. Problem is it is very hard to come by and very very expensive. I had a thought last night, the mold is just a simple bacteria that is living in the cheese. If I where to take a...
  13. Wing Nut

    Sticking a cork in its big fat mouth!

    Ok interesting, I recived a 3L wine bottle from a freind and I was looking at it and thinking about my Vieux Cheateau d'Oc in the fermenter. A big red like this one would benifit from bulk aging. I was looking at this big bottle and thinking it might be a good idea to place 3L in that bottle...
  14. Wing Nut

    Home Brew Across the border

    Hey all!! I am going to Oshkosh for Airventure this year and was thinking of bringing a keg or two of homebrew. Has anyone ever done this? I am not sure if it would be a problem. Thoughts? ideas?
  15. Wing Nut

    To filter or not to filter?

    Ok so I got a bunch of brewing equiptment from a freind who is getting out of wine making. In it is a wine filter, I have never used one before and have never had any complaints about sediment in my wines. Is this somthing you find improves the final product? Wing nut
  16. Wing Nut

    Improving a Black Rock Stout

    Hey all, Grrr my all grain set up isn’t done yet! The Guy who is welding my kettles is taking his sweet time. Price was right though so who am I to complain! I was enjoying a nice stout last night and got to thinking that a good stout would compliment my red ale on tap. So off to the local brew...
  17. Wing Nut

    2 Kegs, 2 Regs

    Good morning all, I ordered my gas cylinder and kegs online yesterday so they are on the way here. I had a question though. I am planning to keep two kegs on tap but different styles at different levels of carbonation. I know I need two regulators so I have been looking around and haven’t...
  18. Wing Nut

    Propane burner indoors?

    Ok this might be a dumb question but is it ok to run my propane burner indoors? I have a fairly large basement and was going to put an exhaust hood over the brew rig to get rid of the water vapor and fumes. The main reason I ask is it would be more convient to assemble the rig in the basement...
  19. Wing Nut

    Flip top problems

    I purchased 72 flip top bottles and have used them with little sucess. It would seem that the tops arent providing a good enough seal so my beer goes flat. I have tried replacing all the gaskets and that hasent helped. Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this problem?