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  1. buenaventura

    Guinness Surger

    Have you seen yet? :confused: 1) U2 playing in background? Really? 2) It looks like this is the easy fix to the problem that most undereducated bartenders have in not knowing how to properly pour a pint of black. Skip to 1:15, by the way.
  2. buenaventura

    Spruce Essence Surprise

    . . . and I don't mean in a good way . . . I went to my FLHBS and came home with the makings for a Papazian-esqe spruce beer, including a 2-oz. bottle of spruce essence. While munching away during lunch, I casually read its ingredients and was a bit unnerved when I noticed that it includes...
  3. buenaventura

    Getting Divorced

    Tell me something . . . anything . . . advice, a joke, a poem, a quote . . . something . . .
  4. buenaventura

    Black Pepper Stout?

    Ok . . . I LOVE crushed black peppercorns on nearly every savory thing I eat . . . It could have something to do with a poor(er) sense of taste than others (which might explain my love of IPAs) . . . Regardless . . . I was thinking the other day and I figured black pepper might taste...
  5. buenaventura

    Beer Nightmare!

    I've been homebrewing for about three months now, and I suppose it was bound to happen at some point or another, but . . . Last night I dreamed that I was siphoning my latest APA to the priming and bottling bucket and EVERYTHING was going badly . . . No matter what I did, I could not...
  6. buenaventura

    Pitching yeast 36 hrs. later . . .

    So . . . I was in a hurry last night and wasn't able to properly cool my wort before dumping it into the primary and pitching the yeast. I felt the bucket afterward and it was HOT . . . as in . . . too damn freaking hot . . . I fear I killed the yeasties . . . the last time I made this...
  7. buenaventura

    What now?

    Hi all . . . Short time lurker and short time member . . . also short time brewer. So. I am making a variation of a Barkshack Gingermead from the Holy Book of Papazian with the addition of loads of grape concentrate. To make a long story short . . . Things were going well. I had a...