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  1. MeadWitch

    Mixing it up?

    Today I bottled my Vanilla JAOM and boy was it sweet! 1.04 read the hydrometer, the longer it sat the sweeter it got! Gonna save those for dessert time or blend with some club soda or dry white wine. I also re-racked my Prickly Pear mead, got it off that huge yeast stuff and into a gallon...
  2. MeadWitch

    Bread Floaters

    Moved my Prickly Pear Mead into the kitchen tonight in anticipation of reracking it tomorrow afternoon. I sloshed it a bit from one room to the next and the next thing I know I have what looks like big chunks of bread floating to the top of my mead. This is the first time in 10+ years this has...
  3. MeadWitch

    Soda Stream?

    Did anyone get one of these for the holidays or even think about using it to carb cider or mead? Just wondering about this seasonal gift and if it could be used for something other than soda.
  4. MeadWitch

    I had a case of gushers!

    Due to some bad timing on my part and all of the holiday baking that I needed to get done for gifts, my cider that was carb'ing in the bottles went a few days past where they should have be pasturized. I opened the first bottle all regular like only to be wearing a cider facial and hair...
  5. MeadWitch

    Yeast List??

    I have been on this site for a little while now and have been taking notes (believe it or not) pertaining to the different types of yeasts that can be used and how they interact with different fruits, juices and honeys. Everytime I read a post commenting on a different yeast, I jot it down in...
  6. MeadWitch

    Liar, liar, pants on fire mead

    Well, I lied. I said I wasn't ever gonna try to do a prickly pear mead again. What a joke! I live in Tejas country and I see tunas everywhere. It is like they are taunting me. So today while at my local HEB superstore, there they were! Huge red and white tunas, already de-stickered &...
  7. MeadWitch

    Cheap grade honey vs high quality honey

    I was reading on another thread, that I cannot find anymore, that someone only makes mead from the cheapest honey that they can find. I took that as the lowest grade, not the most economically priced honey that they could find. But I could be mistaken in my interpretation. As a former chef...
  8. MeadWitch

    Prickly Pear Fruit

    I took precautions but still ended up with a few stickers in the fingers and clothing when I harvested some prickly pear fruit (tunas) tonight. Have I about 13 lbs sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be peeled. I am just gonna peel for now, then freeze them for later. I will cook them when...
  9. MeadWitch

    Cider "Beer" Bottles

    I am collecting beer bottles from work before I began my first batch of cider. I have been making mead for about a decade now and have all sorts of bottles for still & sparkling mead, but this is a first for collecting beer bottles. Compared to the mead bottles, the beer bottle walls I am...
  10. MeadWitch

    Adding oxygen vs degassing

    Question: what is the different between adding oxygen before fermention and degassing or are they the same thing? It I am putting oxygen in, is that forcing the Co2 out?
  11. MeadWitch

    Cider House Rules

    I have a friend who use to make hard cider but she always had to refrigerate her or they would explode. How do you keep the cider sparkling but no bottle bombs? I would like to try and make a batch, but don't want to ask her as she is sort of a know-it-all, even though I dont' think she is...
  12. MeadWitch

    New season honey

    Picked up my new honey this morning and man is it awesome. I just had to take a taste! Darker than the last couple of years and and a bit tastier, IMHO. Judy, who runs Good Flow Honey says it is a great year for bee production, they are buzzing right on schedule and full force. I may have to...
  13. MeadWitch

    De-gassing threads

    Are there other threads on de-gassing? The only one I have been able to locate is the one by Sticky located right below the announcements. I have not read alot on de-gassing through the years but am interested to learn more.
  14. MeadWitch

    Hola from the live music capital of the world - Austin

    Hola, howdy and hello! New to the site but not to mead making. Sorry guys & gals, I don't do beer, never acquired a taste for it even though the ex loved the stuff. I have been making mead for about 8 years now. (I still have 4 bottles of my first ever mead). :) I grew up off and on in...