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  1. Xernex

    Turning tap handles

    So I randomly bought a lathe and decided to give turning a go. So far I've made a few tap handles that turned out decently. Any other turners here?
  2. Xernex

    Corny Keg Randall Idea - pre-keg

    A little background - I visited the Answer a month or two ago and have become fascinated with Randalls due to the Andall series of beers. I picked up 2 10inch water filter housing randalls and hook those up to my system for parties/events, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Here's...
  3. Xernex

    My first beer release event : Barrel Culture Brewing and Blending

    This past weekend I went out to my first ever brewery release for Barrel Culture Brewing and Blending in Durham NC. The place is right around the corner from work, the brewer shops at the same homebrew shop I go to, and was incredibly friendly when I met him there. So I figure I wanna check...
  4. Xernex

    PM's from a new type of Scammer

    Just got a PM from a user @trustee11 - Can we go ahead and ban? " God bless you and thanks, how are you? Happy to meet you. I got your contact via this site, I seriously have interest to invest on a profitable business in your country, the money I want to invest was acquired from my church...
  5. Xernex

    North Carolina SS Brewtech Bremaster Brew Bucket & Fastferment 7.5 Gallon

    Everything is now sold - Thanks Downsizing a bit, I've got a SS Brewtech Brewbucket with the thermowell and a Fast Ferment up for grabs BrewBucket has been used 2 times, I just don't need multiples of it Fastferment was used about 5 times, and started to leak a bit, but I used Silicone...
  6. Xernex

    I have no idea what happened...Too sweet

    So I just brewed another back of my Migratory Coconut Stout, It's an oatmeal stout, probably the 6th time I've brewed it, and I change 1 little thing each batch to perfect it. Brewed on 5/26, checked and got: OG 1.065 - right in line 6/1 - 1.021 6/4 - 1.018 6/6 - 1.016 6/7 & 8 -...
  7. Xernex

    Successful Trip to Asheville NC

    Just spent the weekend in Asheville with the wife. We drove down for a concert at the orange peel (Jimmy Eat World) and of course to take in a few breweries. As soon as we got into town I went to Wicked Weed, then Green Man, then Burial, then over to Tasty Beverage...then things got foggy...
  8. Xernex

    ISO Funky Buddha FT: WW Sours

    Hey guys like the thread says, I'm looking Funky Buddha beers, and I can get just tons of different WW sours, as well as other NC local beers. Mostly looking Little Buddha stuff, last snow, maple bacon, last buffalo etc. Let me know what you've got and we can work something out...
  9. Xernex

    North Carolina 2 - Dual head Taprite secondary regulators

    I've got 2 of these Double body CO2 regulators, Each with 3 connections, 1 on body 1, and a Y on body 2 - both setup exactly the same Both are holding pressure, but may need the shutoff's re-wrapped in teflon as they've been sitting a bit. Will ship on your dime - I think both will fit...
  10. Xernex

    North Carolina 36qt (9 gallon) Bayou Classic Kettle

    Just upgraded to a Spike Brewing kettle so I'm getting rid of my other one as I don't need it anymore. it's in fantastic shape, no dings, nicks etc, and has only been used a handful of times Bayou Classic 36qt kettle $40.00 in the located in the Garner/Clayton area of NC but I work in RTP...
  11. Xernex

    DIY FTSs - fermentation chiller

    So this has been discussed - but not to great length honestly. Looking at SS Brewtech's FTSs it's a great system, but I can't help but think I can do it cheaper. So I'm thinking about 3 of SS Brewtech's brew buckets - thought about a chronical, but I just can't justify the...
  12. Xernex

    Secondary Reg questions - leak or no?

    Hey guys, I picked up 4 older taprite regs on ebay dirt cheap to use as secondary regs in my keezer. Figure worst case scenario they need rebuilds and that'd still be cheaper than they were new. Decided to test them gradually before implementing them to my system, so added my shut-off barbed...
  13. Xernex

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Sweet Potato Casserole Ale

    Recipe: Grains: 7.5 Lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) 1.5 Lbs Munic Malt - 10L 1 Lb Cara-Pils/Dextrine 1 Lb Caravienne Malt 8 oz Caramunic Malt 8 oz Special B Malt Hops: 1 oz Goldings, East Kent (60min) .5 oz Fuggles - (25min) Adjuncts: 2 large cans of Yams (1 can for mash - one 60min boil 1 lbs Grade B...
  14. Xernex

    Florida Heading to Orlando next week - beer suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm heading down to Orlando from NC next week. Anything particular from the FL area I should be on the search for while I'm there? I've got a friend at Funky Buddha so I'm already prepped to pick up a bunch of their stuff.
  15. Xernex

    North Carolina Pin Lock Corny Keg with fittings set

    I'm converting completely over to ball locks just for size factor so I'm getting rid of this pin-lock 40 bucks picked up, with both the gas and liquid fittings. Keg works great, has a universal top with a purge valve unlike the typical pin-lock tops. Located in the McGee's...
  16. Xernex

    WTB - Secondary CO2 regulator 3-4 product

    Hey guys, I'm really looking for a secondary regulator setup, preferably a 4 product, but I'd be happy with a 3 as well , just so I can run different pressures to each of my kegs. Thanks!
  17. Xernex

    Got Bored...Coconut Rum Soaked Oak

    So I was really very happy with the Coconut stout I made last time, so much so I've had another batch just aging lying in wait for this keg to kick. Thing is I happened to notice my French oak chips, and a bottle of the wife's Malibu Coconut rum. Soaked a couple of ounces of chips in entirely...
  18. Xernex

    Sometimes I love my job.

    Beer Bash Fridays :mug: "We will have these great beers on tap – please note that beer taps will be open from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m.: LEFT TAPS ARE LIGHT/SWEET Gizmo Deep Blue Saison Brooklyn Summer Ale (Spare) Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker CENTER TAPS ARE MEDIUM/HOPPY Heavy Seas...
  19. Xernex

    Local shop giving away wort -what would you do with it

    "Ready for some free wort at this weekend's 2nd Annual NeighBREWhood Party? We're putting together a simple batch for you. 2-Row, a little Crystal 20 malt for sweetness, and Willamette hops to add a little kick. Starting gravity should be around 1.050, with 25-30 IBUs. So, what are you...
  20. Xernex

    Vessi Fermenter/Dispenser

    I did a search, and didn't see this posted, thoughts ideas? Interesting concept, and backed by whirlpool -which makes it odd that they are doing an indiegogo to me.