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  1. Sir Sudster

    Cheers to Orfy.

    A happy birthday greeting from across the pond. I'll raise one to the occasion. :mug:
  2. Sir Sudster

    What to do with Willie?

    So, Willie walks. 2#'s and some shruennnnzzzzz. I'd be doin hard time...
  3. Sir Sudster

    Dude..What an Ass!

    Both of 'um...Yeah Baby!
  4. Sir Sudster

    Sing along...

    Since the short story seemed to be a hit..heres another idea..I thought I'd start a sing along.. Each thread has to be a verse of a song that blends to the next thread. Like the short story but with song verses... Here we go..I'll start Hey! Hey! Momma I like the way ya move ...
  5. Sir Sudster

    Short story

    I came across a real interesting and funny thread on another Beer forum and thought it would be great to try here. We have such interesting , intelligent and colorful people here ya know. Let's see if we can create a short story thread here...just finish the sentence from the last post, and...
  6. Sir Sudster


    Dude ..thanks for the new avatar! Much-Mo-Betta
  7. Sir Sudster

    What every Man needs....

    Hey, does Radio Shack sell these? :D
  8. Sir Sudster

    Whatcha Drinkin...

    So, what's everyone drinkin tonight. I am layin done some Full Sail ...What's your pleasuire?
  9. Sir Sudster

    Happy B-Day TxBrew!

    Happy Birthday TxBrew. Damn, a new year baby! Any big plans?
  10. Sir Sudster

    Flying Dogs..

    Found a sixer of Flying Dogs Pale Ale today on my commute home from San Anton...Man I like this stuff. Anyone know how they hop this sucker. Dang, its good...even if its from Colorado.
  11. Sir Sudster

    Everybody got this months issue of BYO...

    I like the article about the 10 most difficult beers to Brew. Think I'm going to go for the WEE-Heavy. Sounds fun.
  12. Sir Sudster

    Bounced another hydrometer...

    I guess I keep forgetting that hydrometers only bounce once. I trashed another one this weekend right before I needed it. Just brewed up 10g of an APA and was getting ready to take the initial OG . I was sanitizing it in one of my primary buckets and when I pulled it out I was groping for some...
  13. Sir Sudster

    Proof..Beer is good for her...
  14. Sir Sudster

    Good Dog Story....

    A DOG GONE GOOD STORY >Anyone who has pets will really like this. You'll like it even if you >don't and may decide you need one. >Mary and her husband Jim had a dog, Lucky. Lucky was a real character. >Whenever Mary and Jim had company come for a weekend visit they would >warn their...
  15. Sir Sudster


    Just read an article in this months edition of BYO about a medieval homebrew from Franconia called "Kellerbier". This just might be an interesting experiment. It's a relatively unknown beer style in North America. ( i've never heard of it) yet its home is Bavaria. It's a cask condition...
  16. Sir Sudster

    Rough Night..Havin a cow.

    There are 19 people logged in this forum and no one's saying anything... Am I going to have to get this party going or what?
  17. Sir Sudster

    Dear Abby.......

    Dear Abby, I have been so blessed in my life. Great parents, great wife and kids, great job, and great education. When I finally retired, I could hardly wait to spend time en! joying my favorite pastime -- bass fishing. I got my own little fishing boat and tried to get my wife to join me...
  18. Sir Sudster

    How to recognize a millionaire....

    Big bucks.................................
  19. Sir Sudster

    Happy Birthday Wayne!

    Happy Birthday Wayne Havens! Gonna raise a few in your honor tonight. Hope you enjoyed your day.
  20. Sir Sudster

    OH Yeah!

    I think I'm a going to like this place. Thank you TXBrew!!