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  1. jppostKW

    Used Corny Supply Running Out!

    $35 bucks when i started brewing in 2009 LHBS wants $75 now
  2. jppostKW

    Imperial Brown recipe help

    I am getting ready to brew an imperial brown and can not find a good base that appeals to me. Here is what I have so far. I will have a little better idea of the % of each malt and the exact crystal types in a couple hours Marris base brown malt amber malt some crystal fuggles or EKG 2...
  3. jppostKW

    $65 an hour? WTF?

    The Dealership I work at is 125 an hour...
  4. jppostKW

    Help a beginner start brewing!!!

    Welcome to the forum I would suggest reading this book first it will teach you so much
  5. jppostKW

    Finally! A single way to grow your own brewing supplies: barley, wheat, and hops!

    Soooo... wonder if john deere makes a mini thresher to harvest your seedy goodness when it is done?
  6. jppostKW

    How do i get my profile pic to show up next to my posts?

    think of it as helping fund the server space for that fancy avatar along with all the other things offered to premium supporters.
  7. jppostKW

    floaties, poison, blindness oh my.

    Sniff sniff smell something funny in place tx
  8. jppostKW

    Building Your Own Refrigerator

    Google is your friend on this. Basically you need a fridge that has the evaporator as the freezer compartment and than carefully remove the rest of the compresser assembly and than modify it to work in your situation wort o matic has a good write up
  9. jppostKW

    installing a ball valve to my sanke

    Getting the nut on the back in the keg will be a PITA because you will have to remove it for cleaning each time you ferment.
  10. jppostKW

    Anybody need a vacuum sealer

    just ordered one