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  1. Chek

    Floating Dip Tube - Challenge - Cheapest Ever 2020

    Hi all, So like, I have a lot of time on my hands and have been creating beer gear. I wanted a floating dip tube and the cheapest I found online was 12 bucks plus shipping which meant I would spend at least a hundred…. Well, my impatience is always the mother of invention. And I am a true...
  2. Chek

    Incubator – Heating/Cooling – Temperature control Part 1

    Incubator – Heating/Cooling – Temperature Control Part 1 Ideally I would like to lager. My experiments so far consist of one ale extract brew. Next I will build an incubator to ferment wine at a controlled temperature. The idea of ruining beer is not pleasant so I will experiment on wine first...
  3. Chek

    Cancer & Beer 2019 - A new to brew perspectecive

    Cancer & Beer 2019 - A new to brew perspective Brewing and learning about brewing is a very welcome distraction and awesome hobby. Let me say cancer sucks. It affects one personally, whether it’s through an acquaintance, friend, loved one, family member or simply yourself. I haven’t been...
  4. Chek

    Eagles Feather Brew House - First Extract Brewing 2019-09-01

    Hi All, Thanks to everyone who has posted in the past. I have had a lot of fun learning from all y'alls posts. I certainly enjoy good beer, and now I will try to create my own. But first I need to learn some basics... Aside from reading my start in learning is the 3 kits I mixed up...