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  1. slowjeep

    Has anyone used a bread maker to re-hydrate dry yeast?

    Ok, this might be a bad idea, but it seems viable. My wife just bought a breadmaker ($7 at a thrift store). It has a dough function where it the beater stirs around and then it heats gently to help dough rise. I am not the best at re-hydrating my yeast. Sometimes I forget and pitch cold...
  2. slowjeep

    Thank god Fox got rid of the dancing football robot.

    As title says. The robot is still there, but at least it doesn't dance anymore.
  3. slowjeep

    RDWHAHB got me in trouble

    Perhaps you could add some Allspice when you dry hop. If you keg, don't worry you can always change it. If you bottle, then it should still turn out fine.
  4. slowjeep

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Could use one of those.
  5. slowjeep

    Any extract kits to steer clear of?

    Steer clear of the WindRiver kits. My fiance got me a membership in the kit of the month club for Christmas. Total waste of time to brew that kit. It only came with 3lbs of LME, and that was supposed to be for a 5 gallon recipe. I brewed it, abyssmally low OG, and the final abv was 2.76%...
  6. slowjeep

    Menards turkey fryer on sale.

    My gf is picking me up one for a bday present as we speak. 30qt pot with spigot, 45,000btu burner, and square stand. All for $47, not too bad of a deal. Once I get a couple propane tanks, my all grain setup should be complete. The keggle and 15 gallon cooler mashtun are being constructed...
  7. slowjeep

    How do you like your simcoe?

    just my 2*¢, a local brewpub uses simcoe in their pale ale and it was tasty. It was tasty enough for me to inquire about the hops they used at least. I too have become too addicted to Centennial.
  8. slowjeep

    40 Gal pot deal a few days ago, I cannot find the thread on here

    A few days ago there was a thread about a good deal on 40 gallon pots. It had a funny pic of the guys sons sitting in the pot. I didn't pay much attention to it because it was far beyond what I needed. I was given a 35gallon fermenting tank on thursday, so I think I need to upgrade the...
  9. slowjeep

    TSC 35 gal water holding tank as a fermenter?

    after looking at the TSC page, the 1025gal was tempting. If I could only find a way to get apple juice delivered via tanker truck... and being able to post it on the apfelwein forum would be priceless. 1 post, +1000gal made. A few weeks ago I was asking my father about conical shaped...
  10. slowjeep

    TSC 35 gal water holding tank as a fermenter?

    One of these tanks was given to me, with the intent that I could use it as a fermenter. The tank is brand new, never been used for anything. Has anyone ever tried this? Here is a link to the tank I have...
  11. slowjeep

    Fish tank fermenter?

    Just remember, some fish have higher alcohol tolerances than others. Angelfish and guppies do fine with light ales and lagers. But if you plan on doing IPAs or barleywines in that tank you might have to get your fish imported from Ireland.
  12. slowjeep

    Help/ideas needed for a blueberry wine.

    My friend wants me to help her make a batch of blueberry wine. So far I have only made Apfelwein and some basic jail brew. I brew beer, wine is not my specialty. But... since she asked nicely I told her I would help any way I could. Farther down the page is a simple recipe (10lbs...
  13. slowjeep

    jb weld fell in my brew

    just dry hop with some duct tape and you should be fine.
  14. slowjeep

    Is it ruined?

    Just curious, but what do you think went wrong the first time?
  15. slowjeep

    Spicy beer!

    Never tried using Habaneros in beer, however I made some habanero rum quite a few years ago. Not sure how helpful this is, but alcohol seems to leech the capsium out of the peppers over time. Beer is a little different than 80proof rum, but let me tell you the story. The stuff I made...
  16. slowjeep

    This beer gives me the creeps

    Ironically, I was just wondering what I should do with my beloved doberman pinscher when he finally meets his maker.
  17. slowjeep

    Need grilling advice.

    Great advice so far, all I can add is one thing. It is an important step for juicy meat of any sort, yet sadly very few of my friends remember to do it. Take the meat off the grill BEFORE it is fully cooked. Put it on a plate and sit it in the microwave for at least 5 minutes. DO NOT TURN...
  18. slowjeep

    Favorite Drinking Toast

    Dont know if it has been posted yet, but here is a toast I like to give on special occasions. Usually its at dinners with friends, or said quietly where only the person beside me can hear. It usually gets a laugh, except for the time I said it as the prayer for Thanksgiving. "Here's to the...
  19. slowjeep

    cannot find dextrose for Apfelwine recipe

    ok, after reading this I called them back. Different guy answered and they do carry dextrose.
  20. slowjeep

    cannot find dextrose for Apfelwine recipe

    the guy I talked to on tues night said they didn't carry it. He seemed to be knowledgeable about the different kinds of sugars. Thought I would post on here and ask before I make my first batch.