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  1. Hefeweizengeliebter

    HELP! Wife lost sanitizer, what else can I use

    Wife lost my bag of sanitizer and the LHBS is closed for the weekend.... is there anything else I can use w/o affecting the quality of the beer? or is there some where else I can pick up sanitizer? any suggestions?
  2. Hefeweizengeliebter

    First Partial Mash

    bought a partial mash Continental Pilsner kit from the LHBS Brewed with a buddy (his first time) and I took about 1/2 gallon off and added half a Jalapeno I was playing with my new camera, so here is a pic
  3. Hefeweizengeliebter

    Built this to carry my beers around

    Finally brought this project to life today.... I was tired of bringing beer over to my buddies house in a bag, with them clinking all around... they don't exactly make anything that will carry Grolsch bottles.... so this is what I made
  4. Hefeweizengeliebter

    How do you sign your credit card?

    got this off of my local car forum
  5. Hefeweizengeliebter

    Ginger Peach Chia Mead

    This is my first attempt at making mead so I made it in a small batch of 1 gallon 3lbs of cover honey 1 gallon of spring water 1/4t of yeast nutrient about 1/2 package of red wine yeast 2 ginger peach teabags 1 chai spice teabag I brought the water to a boil added 2 lbs of honey and...
  6. Hefeweizengeliebter

    Lable/Brewery name I came up with

    So my wife and I are weird, and we were married on Groundhogs day... we did not pick it because it was groundhogs day, we just wanted to get married...blah blah blah we have many groundhog themed things around the house, so it got me thinking, and this is what I came up with quick like in...
  7. Hefeweizengeliebter

    Just bottled my first batch

    My step dad designed and made me a nice bottle drying rack for an early Christmas gift last weekend so I could bottle today 40 Grolsch bottles filled with Hefeweizen goodness I am going to let them sit and crack one open on Christmas mornin! Now I am going to have to buy some more...
  8. Hefeweizengeliebter

    Is the water used important?

    from what info I have read from the couple of basic brewing guides... it says not to use chlorinated water, well all tap water here is chlorinated is there anyway around this or should I just go to Kroger and get myself a 5 gallon jug of spring water?
  9. Hefeweizengeliebter

    New guy from Toledo, Ohio

    I have always wanted to get in to brewing my own beer after going to Germany and having some of the best beer of my life, then coming back here to the States and going back to all the crummy regular American beer I have a local store that sells some imported beer from Germany, but it is...