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  1. Tennessee

    How long is starsan good once mixed?

    I got a bucket full, no lid, in my basement and it has been there for a week or so. Time to mix up a new batch?
  2. Tennessee

    Low gravity on my kolsch PM...what to do?

    My gravity reading was a bummer on my 5 gal. batch of Kolsch this Saturday...1.034. I was shooting for 1.044. My recipe was like this.... 3# 2 row 2# German Pils mashed in 2 gals. of H2O for an hour @ 155º (mash-in-a-bag method) sparged @ 175º in 2 gals I got a gravity reading of 1.048 in...
  3. Tennessee

    Rye P. A. Label

    I didn't see a "show off your label" thread, so I thought I would post it here. The beer is a Rye P.A. called Jack Ass Pale Ale (J.A.P.A.) named for my crazy ass husky, Jack Ass. This beer is just as assertive as Ol' J.A. so it is a good fit. :D Thoughts?
  4. Tennessee

    Thoughts on my AG Sweet Stout Recipe?

    Hi. I am new to AG brewing & this will be 2nd batch & would like some thoughts on my recipe below. I will be using DeathBrewer's stove top mash technique, which proved successful the first time around (Thanks DB!!!!:rockin:). My first try at AG was a 3 gal. batch (small stove, no wort chiller...
  5. Tennessee

    adding a corny keg to my commercial keg setup?

    Since I have a kegerator setup I naturally want to keg my homebrew. I am trying to gather the bits I need. Does home brew in a corny keg require different pressure settings than my keg of commercial brew? If so do I need another co2 tank? Cheers.
  6. Tennessee

    23 days in primary: Question?

    OK...We are brewing a Brewer's Best Summer Ale kit & it has been in primary for 23 days @ 70* in my cellar. My question is, as this seems like a long time, should I rack to secondary or bottle from primary? 23 days plus however many more until I get a spare afternoon seems like a long time...
  7. Tennessee

    Bottle Variation?

    Howdy. Long time lurker, first time poster. We recently brewed a Bock. It has been enjoyable but not great so far but I attribute that to it only being bottle for 2.5 weeks. I know it will get better with more time in the bottle. Here is my question.... How much bottle variation is...