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  1. Wing Nut

    Words of wisdom for a wedding

    Hey all! So my fiancé and I are going to tie the knot on the 25th. For attendants gifts we are going to give a bottle of our wild choke cherry wine we made two years ago. I was wondering if any of you guys had any words of wisdom we could put on the back. Something like "a marriage is like a...
  2. Wing Nut

    Wild chokecherry wine

    That is the exact same one we have in town....I thought you ment five of those. Perhaps my us-metric conversions arent good enough. How would you use this in your version?
  3. Wing Nut

    Wild chokecherry wine

    I am all set to make this wine, I have 50lbs of cherries in the freezer all I have to do now is juice them. I have been searching for the red grape concentrate but I cant seem to find it anywhere localy. I could order it but I am not keen on waiting. Could I use a 5 gal wine kit? I was thinking...
  4. Wing Nut

    Grain Buy near Saskatoon SK CA

    Just check the prices.....Sometimes they are a little high.
  5. Wing Nut

    Ultra dry porter

    Hey all I brewed my first all grain batch on my new HERMS rig I used the wurzels coconut porter recipe. The brew day went pear shaped when I had a problem with the false bottom I used, It collapsed and I was unable to reticulate wort. This made bumping up the temperature very difficult. All...
  6. Wing Nut

    Oxygen Tank Lifetime

    In the long run it may be cheaper to get a "B" bottle from a welding shop. They can be re filled and hold about 20 cubic feet of gas. Sometimes you can buy them but most lease them. You need a welding regulator but often times you can buy them used for about $30...
  7. Wing Nut

    WOMEN, I clean it yesterday

    All the time! I usualy reply, "yes and now I am making a mess, you cant expect me to stop my hobbies just because you cleaned." Seriously why bother cleaning when I am just going to mess it up again.
  8. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Ouch! That sounds like they are getting into the "things are expensive because we don’t sell much" circle. I really like the coffee idea. Lextasy, I know I was stupid for not checking out prices before I went in and I regret it now. I really didn’t want to be "that guy". Plus I had just...
  9. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Like I said in my previous posts the only reason I went thru with the transaction is because I felt obliged after sending the guy working running around the store and he was very helpful with finding other hops because they didn’t have the ones I wanted. Plus I was ignorant of what other...
  10. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Update, here is their reply: Thank you for your email. We would like to offer a reply to you – The grains kept in 25Kg sacks on the floor are a result of several of our clients purchasing those grains in bulk. Turn over for the sacks is usually within a month of them being...
  11. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Wow just looking at Grape and Grain's web site and that looks promising. I would realy apprecate the "free" shipping (I am sure a 6 pack of homebrew would be the least I could do) but all 5 of my fermenters are full at the moment and I dont want to over produce. I like how they make mention of...
  12. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Here is the letter I composed that I plan to send. Any thoughts or comments? To whom it may concern; I visited your store Saturday the 28th of May because I needed the ingredients to make 2 ten gallon batches of beer that weekend. I would like to complement you on your effort in having a...
  13. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Thanks for the support everyone, I never thought about the yeast being a big deal till you all mentioned how it might be. I will not be buying yeast or anything from them ever again. I will be sure to check out the local home brew club, it would seem that they are done till the fall now though...
  14. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    Paul you are right, there is no store like Amazon for home brew but there is no excuse for charging $8 a pound for marris otter malt when a 55lb sack from western malt distibutors in Saskatoon (less than 300km, 186 miles) is only $67! Either they need to change their suppliers or stop gouging...
  15. Wing Nut

    Support your local homebrew shop?

    So I brewed my 1st batch in over two years last weekend. Since it was a spur of the moment brew session I had to buy my grains locally. Because I had moved since my last homebrew session I wasn't sure where to get my ingredients so I did a quick internet search and found the only shop in Regina...
  16. Wing Nut

    Grain Buy near Saskatoon SK CA

    Thanks for the info I will be buying my grains there next time....
  17. Wing Nut

    1939 GE Kegerator

    Looks great! I love those older fridges.
  18. Wing Nut

    Op Overkill....AKA motorize my mill!

    Hey all! So I am back to brewing after a hiatus of nearly a year from brewing. Not to worry I had 5 corny kegs to keep me and my friends in beer for a while. It was a good thing that we had Half Pints nice and close to us so we could get good fresh beer when we needed it. The Little Scrapper...
  19. Wing Nut

    Perlick friction

    Hey all! My new Perlick faucets arrived yesterday from Austin Homebrew and am I excited! I installed them right away but noticed a issue. The friction is so low on these faucets that I am afraid that they may get bumped on resulting in a beer flood all over the floor. I have read the manual...
  20. Wing Nut

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Ginger Ale

    Wow thanks for this one! I just pitched the yeast and had to add my comments. I followed the recipie to the letter except for the hops. I couldent get Cascade localy so I whent with crystal. I tried a little bit from the sample jar before letting the yeast at it and all I can say is wow! The...