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    Help selecting regulator

    Good day ! Have been putting together a keg system for a bit now and getting to the last few times required. I am shopping for a regulator and having a hard time understanding what i need. There' singles, doubles, quads,high pressure,low pressure etc etc... I'm looking to have a couple kegs...
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    Add yeast to RIS for bottling?

    Good day ! I made a batch of RIS A couple of months ago.... probably 3 now. After about 1 month I racked to secondary. Would like to bottle it now and I am wondering if I need to add yeast to chew up the priming sugar. Thx !
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    Looking for advice on a recipe

    Good day ! I have made numerous batches of paps cider, which have received rave reviews. However my wife finds it a little too sweet. I am looking to make a batch that caters more to her tastes. Just wondering if anyone has a recipe that would be a little more on the drier side with...
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    Niagara brewing company Hennepin stout

    Hello all! Over the last week I had opportunity to attend the niagara brewing company and sample some of their brews. I must say the hennepin stout they had on tap absolutely floored me. Approx 30 ibus, 5ish ABV and had very tasty coffee $ chocolate notes. Was refreshing and complicated...
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    FG 1.023, repitch or leave it ?

    Looking for some advice here.... Brewed up an extract batch of white house honey ale using the recipe from Northern Brewer. I hit the target OG of 1.062 on the nose. Got the wort to appropriate temp and pitched a package of Danstar Windsor (dry). Set in my basement to ferment. Started...
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    Partial mash pale ale ideas?

    Hi all ! Just finished my first 2 batches. I'm still doing partial mash as I'm not quite ready to jump into the all grain adventure. That being said, I think my next brew will be a pale ale. I noticed a lot of people here seem to like the cascade orange recipe. Just wonderig if anyone...