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    No activity after a couple of week

    I am brewing a wheat ale, wyeast ale yeast. This is the first time I have used wyeast. I brewed about two weeks ago. I broke the wyeast inner package as instructed, let it sit for about a half hour and then opened and pitched. The yeast was pitched at room temperature, with the wort...
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    Extract brew - Didn't steep grains - problem?

    We brewed a wheat ale last week. Forgot to steep the grains, just tossed in the malt, hops and boiled as if it was done. Then realized the mistake and steeps grains at 160 for about a half hour. Are we going to have a problem?
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    Beer isn't carbonated - how to remedy?

    The latest batch was in the primary for about 3 weeks, skipped secondary and went straight to bottles. Corn sugar was used to carbonate the beer. It was refrigerated about four weeks after bottling. The first beer was opened last weekend and was totally flat, no carbonation at all. Another...
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    What is the effect of a partial boil?

    I am planning on making this alleged Oberon clone but do not yet have the capacity for a full boil. I am curious to know if there is anything that needs to be changed with a partial boil (2 gallon) vs. full. Also, would the be any negative effect by only doing a partial vs. full boil? Thanks...
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    Oops, we measured only 1 gallon of water for the wort, what will the results be?

    My friend and I made our second batch last night, we are making 5 gallons. We made the wort with some light grains, 1oz. cascade hops, 1oz. hallertauer (I think) hops, 6.6lbs of malt extract. After the boil was finished, we cooled the wort to about 80 degrees, but as it was cooling we...