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    Mashed in for the first time in 15 months

    I never thought I would quit brewing, but I did. Lots of life happened in the meantime. So, it is time to fill the kegs again! Making my Red Comet, with Comet hops of course. Hope it works out, I have about 300lbs of grain that is going to have a birthday or recently did!
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    Who reported the Rules of Pools thread?

    It was just getting good! Some Newb was spouting okay, trolling was a better word about running a table all night and he was getting owned. All good things come to an end I guess. Grandma told me that, or was it the Bible?
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    Slide Scanner?

    Hey Everyone, My Father has many old 35mm slides and for Christmas, I mentioned that I would transfer them to a DVD for him. I would also like to have him narrate what is going on in the pictures as well, but that will be later. Has anyone an opinion on the slide scanners available out...
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    Scaltrol... Snake Oil?

    Has anyone heard of this type of treatment? My first thought is that it is as good as the old magnets they wanted us to believe in. Now they are trying polyphosphates. How is this legal when we can't have phosphates in our cleaning detergents to begin with...
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    The Best Lip Sync I have ever seen

    This fellow has some serious talent IMHO
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    Finally A Beer Commercial Done Right!

    This is great!
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    Nearly Electric Ready Brewpot

    I found this pot out there on the net, and for the price its pretty nice. It already has the sanitary fittings attached, and from what I can tell would make a very nice pot in the 20 gallon range which would be at the upper limit of a single 5500 watt element. 26 gallon pot, with sanitary...
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    New Label Generator

    Fun website to play with!
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    Phase Angle Controller

    Has anyone built one of these? I have a PWM on the boil kettle and am looking to try something new for giggles. I found this unit online. I was thinking of wiring that into a box with a random SSR and see how that compares to the PWM that I have...
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    Groupon for a Midwest Brewing Starter Kit

    Not sure if anyone needs one, but its a good deal!
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    Somehow I can relate...

    Hammertime!!!! I just stumbled across this website. It is worth the short read. Many parallels!
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    If WW-II was played online

    *Hitler[AoE] has joined the game.* *Eisenhower has joined the game.* *paTTon has joined the game.* *Churchill has joined the game.* *benny-tow has joined the game.* *T0J0 has joined the game.* *Roosevelt has joined the game.* *Stalin has joined the game.* *deGaulle has joined the game.*...
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    Passat or CC

    I am needing to get a new work car, I have depreciated out my 09 Passat. So for tax reasons, as well as the old car having 150k miles, does anyone have experience with the CC? My GF just purchased the Audi A4, but she bought the bare bones model, that was more than the CC, but has less...
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    Books. Whats the best one you have read lately?

    Ripping off the other threads about movies and such. We know it all started here. My current favorite author doesn't have a movie to his name yet, to my knowledge. Clive Cussler. I have been reading about 2 books a week of his lately. I wish there was a movie to watch to compare. The last 2 I...
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    2 Rubber Coated 1/2 Barrel Kegs

    A friend of mine just called and he is tearing down some buildings at an old farm and came across these 2 kegs. If anyone wants them I can PM you his number and you can work out the details. These are in Southwestern MN. I don't think he is interested in shipping, but I get around the whole...
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    How come my CO2 tank only goes empty on Friday or Saturday Nights?

    Granted, I knew it was getting low, but dang it, always on a weekend. I have a 20lb tank, and I am sure everyone will tell me to get a spare. I know!!! Oh well, at least there are 6 other kegs that I can sip on until the pressure is too low in them. Grrrr.:(
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    3ph Steam Kettle Wiring Question

    I have a 40 gallon Vulcan kettle that I'm converting to single phase for my summer rig. One fellow that did this states its as easy as changing the wiring to the elements in parallel instead of series. Since I will be feeding in 2 hots instead of three, I'm to disregard the third leg on the...
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    Has anyone that went electric ever went back to gas?

    I was thinking about this reading a different thread, and I was curious. I have my old system that if I ever wanted to go somewhere else and brew with propane, I could, but it isn't ever used anymore. A person stated that electric wasn't all that great and that people that have an electric...
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    Glacier Tanks?

    Is anyone familiar with this company? I like this kettle and the price isn't too bad either if its decent quality.
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    Nice System in the Twin Cities

    This isn't mine, I just found it on CL this morning. Not a bad price either.