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  1. J

    Makes me feel good

    So I went around to my neighbours house Friday night and took a selection of my beers over for them to try... 10am the next morning I get a call from said neighbour "hey I'm at the homebrew shop, what do I need to get started you have made me jealous." I am taking this as a victory for the team.
  2. J

    Non pure maple syrup

    Hey guys planning on doing a maple stout and was wondering if the cheaper maple syrup which isn't pure is fine to use or should I throw the extra money at it and get the pure stuff? One I'm looking at atm is Thanks
  3. J

    Hair like things in bottles, is it an infection?

    They are tiny like eyelash length and white and are floating near the top of the bottles. I haven't seen this in any other of my brews before. Problem is they are so small I can't get a good picture of them to add *update* It tastes good so I'm not too worried, they are all in a 3c fridge so if...
  4. J

    Yet another NEIPA question

    Hi Guys, Can someone take a look at my first NEIPA recipe and process to make sure im doing it right please? Sadly here in the UK i haven't managed to get a NEIPA commercially and really want to try one so i'm going in kinda blind here. 4kg Marris Otter 1kg Golden promise 0.5kg flaked oats...
  5. J

    Old galaxy

    Hey guys so I picked up 100g (~4oz) for a pound ($1.40) at my lhbs but its really old being from the 2014 harvest, they have kept it in a freezer they say. I was wondering if there would be any issues with using it? Eg don't use as aroma
  6. J

    Stuck fermentation and bottling

    Hi guys, I have a stuck fermentation, 1.020 instead of 1.010, due to my heating dying while we were away so it dropped to 15c (59f) or maybe lower as that is where it was when we got home. I warmed the brew back up to 20c(68f) and roused the yeast with a nice big spoon. Hopefully this has done...
  7. J

    Brewing 20ltr biab in a 21ltr pot

    I did this last night and I just want to check if what I did was the right thing to do. This is a 21.5 litre stock pot on my stove. I mashed about a cm from the top at at 69c for 60 mins ramped up to 76c for 10 mins. Added 5 litres more to boil so that it was about an inch from the top of the...
  8. J

    Coopers canadian blonde with citra and mango advise

    Hi guys, New to brewing here just finished my first batch which was a coopers lager, it's bottled up and at about 4% which is a but low to my liking. My local brew shop has the Canadian blonde on offer right now so I have picked a can of that up but have read that it is quite weak tasting so I...