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    Ohio CBUS FT:20lb CO2 ISO: 5lb CO2

    Sale fell through this morning. I have an empty 20lb CO2 tank with expired hydro date in good condition I would like to trade for a 5lb CO2 tank in similar condition. Looking for something smaller for my keezer. Located in Columbus Ohio - local pick-up only. If no trades I will sell it...
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    Ohio Sold

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    Ohio Free cascade rhizomes - IP Dublin Ohio

    sorry for the delay everyone - shutting this down. Making contact going down list of first responses.
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    Ohio Free cascade rhizomes - IP Dublin Ohio

    I just dug up a cascade crown and have about 7 rhizome for someone who wants them. I left some vines on as I think you can plant them quickly and maintain them but they all have other buds on them. In person pickup only in Tuttle Crossing area...
  5. Rhizomes


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    American Pale Ale Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone

    Solid Recipe - thanks for sharing and everyone who contributed. I think the dryhop is too aggressive if you're trying to clone ZD. Freshly kegged off the dryhop and it tasted like a bag of skittles - not necessarily bad - just not ZD cloned. I will be rebrewing, but I'm going to cut the...
  7. ZD Clone(Left) vs Real ZD(Right)

    ZD Clone(Left) vs Real ZD(Right)

    Clone recipe from the Zombie Dust clone recipe thread
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    What do you guys think about gin and a sour beer?

    I don't have any specific advice for you but check out Rivertown Brewing's Triumvirate - it's a sour with gin ingredients added and aged in a gin barrel. It's quite tasty and might give you some ideas.
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    Whirlfloc timing for extended whirlpool?

    Im doing an extended 30 minute hot rest/whirlpool at around 200F with my ipa and wondering when i should add whirlfloc? Im doing a 60 minute boil before the hot rest and most of the hops will be added during this 30 minute hot rest/whirlpool period. Im leaning to close to the end of the...
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    What you brewing for National Homebrew this weekend?

    Hopbursted iipa with 3 ounces each amarillo, columbus and simcoe and an ounce of chinook and citra.
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    Stout variant experiment

    I was hoping aging the oak cubes in syrup would slowly dose it in and would prevent a tad from being fermented out. Who knows....
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    Stout variant experiment

    So I want to do a 5g batch of stout and break it up after primary fermentation into 5 1-gallon jugs and age each one on different "things" I'm trying to settle on a recipe and curious what everyone thinks would be something good to use. I'm had been thinking about an American Stout type...
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    Craft brew in cans?

    Im loving the movement to cans. I get avery ipa canned at one place in town and its in bottles most others places last time i looked. The can seems to travel better and stay fresher for longer. Modus hoperandi....:mug: Daisy cutter.....:mug: Surly.....:mug:
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    CYBI 120 Minute clone, do you have lessons learned?

    Trying to gather as much info on Dogfsh 120 clones in the next few days and wondering if anyone had input/insight/suggestions/results/etc from previous brews they contribute. Going to follow the can you brew it show on the 120 minute clone with some tweaks. Seems they came pretty close, but a...
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    recipe help please

    By chewier, i am going to assume more mouthfeel? You could raise your mash temp up by 5 degrees. You could also try a lower attenuating yeast - it will be sweeter which may help conceal some bitterness. You could also play around with some maltodextrin.
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    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    Fyi - a full corny keg of soda stream red bull premixed with vodka at a wedding is a BIG hit. :mug: Mine turned out really well - many comments that is was no difference between it and real red bull and vodka.
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    Columbus Ohio water profile?

    Ha ha!! Sorry for pointing out the bobvious! :cross: Have fun in CS and we'll catch up when you get back. :mug:
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    Columbus Ohio water profile?

    Yep, you are looking at the dublin road plant numbers, not the hap cremean numbers - look at guld's post for hap cremean comparison. Both my condo and your house are served by hap cremean.
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    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    When I made mine, the water was already cold, but a just put it on 35lbs and shook the **** out of it for a couple minutes and then set it at like 10 psi and called it done.
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    Kegging Red Bull at $0.14 per 12 oz can

    So tonight's project involves a couple bottles of soda stream red bull mix, a couple of liters of vodka, some h2o and a keg in prep for a friend's wedding this weekend. I used 1.5 ounces of vodka (1 shot) per 8.4oz can of red bull as my ratio and figured i will need 96.97 ounces of vodka...