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    West Coast IPA recipe

    Believe it or not I have stayed away from brewing IPAs as it is not my preferred style and because the times I brewed some they did not come out the way I wanted it for them to come. I always struggled with hop combinations. However, i've decided to venture again in brewing IPAs. below is a...
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    My Saison came out really dry

    HI guys, a couple of weeks ago I brew my first saison. I used dry yeast BE-134. I started my fermentation around 65 F for 4 days and then raised the temp to 80F. the wort fermented between 70-78 for 14 days, My OG was 1.059 and finished 1.002. I tasted it and the beer is extremely dry. flavor...
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    Looking for a hot plate

    Im looking for a hot plate to brew on my 15 gallon kettle. My kettle is 16 inch in diameter. I usually brew 5 or10 gallon batches. I usually brew on my stove but recently move to an apt and need one due to space. Any suggestions?
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    strong yeasty and grainy beer

    Hi I recently brew a witbier with WLP400 with an OG of 1.044. The fermentation went really strong for almost 10 days then it stopped. on day 14 I measured for FG and it read 1.008. the temperature was constant between 68-72 degrees which is within the yeast strain range. I know the flavor it...
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    Connected my plate chiller to the shower

    Due to my lack of space i used my shower to conect a hose to my plate chiller and chill my wort. I cleaned the bathroom thoroughly before starting. Afterwards it got me thinking if this was a good idea fearing it wasnt sanitary.
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    Northern Brewer hops for Irish Red Ale

    Hi All, I am planning to do an Irish Red Ale using only Northern Brewer hops. That is because I have some northern brewer hops that i have not used and want finish them before they go old. Is this hop selection a good idea for this style?
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    Problems with my first blonde ale

    Hi people, I just brew my first blonde ale 2 weeks ago, and yesterday when I was preparing to keg my beer and measured my alcohol level it was off by 1%, I was expecting to get 5% alcohol content and it came out only with 4%. Aside from that as O tried my the beer the flavor was way to sweet...
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    making a starter large enough to use on 3 glass carboys fermenters

    I have one stir plate and I plan to use it to do starter for a 15 gallon batch, the problem is that i'm splitting the batch into 3 carboys that i will use as fermenters. what technique should i use, or where can i find more information in order for me to do this. I have to say that this is the...
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    Keg storing

    Is it necessary for a filled corny keg to be conected to co2 tank for storage?