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    Preparing A Yeast Starter Using Canned Wort

    @kombat Great follow-up article, thanks for sharing.
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    Preparing A Yeast Starter Using Canned Wort

    @MagicMatt Lager starters > ale starters And there is absolutely time savings, if you can a bunch of wort at once. One batch of canned wort can make enough for many starters, so you're only making the wort once instead of each time. It wouldn't make sense to only can a few liters of wort at a...
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    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    @simchuck Looks like a formatting error. Yes, there should only be 1 gallone of water total. The 1/2 symbol from the original article is not showing up. Those are supposed to be two 1/2 gallon additions (one boiled, one chilled), and not a gallon boiled. I'll see if I can get the head editor to...
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    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    @Gavin C You could probably just pour the tea on top and be fine. I like to remove it and place it back on top to make sure it's all nice and floaty. From my understanding and experience, oxidation risk with fermented tea is minimal. I just bottle straight from the spigot, and have never tasted...
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    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    @iijakii I am defeated. I shall now leave HBT in shame and go forth to wander the internetz as an outcast. @TheHairyHop That's a good point. For the purposes of this article, I am trying to stick with traditional practices and methods. There are those (myself included) who question whether or...
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    A (Slightly Schizophrenic) Kombucha Primer

    @Aristotelian Yup, normal. You can just spoon it out of the glass before you drink. I usually just slurp 'em down.
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    Brewing on the Edge of the World: Canada's Arctic - Part II

    Thanks for sharing these with us. I'm sure most of us learned quite a bit. I know I did.
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    Top 10 Ciders on HomeBrewTalk

    @Austin I've made it a few times following the original recipe and loved it. Last time I changed the juice-to-beer ratio from 4:1 to 3:2, and it was good, but I preferred the original.
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    Top 10 Ciders on HomeBrewTalk

    Glad to see Brandon O's Graff made the list. That stuff is good.
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    The Efficient Brewer

    It depends on how your particular hydrometer is calibrated.
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    Brew & A: Bryan "m00ps" Canavan

    Awesome Bew & A. What an awesome story.
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    Brew & A: Gratus Fermentatio

    Glad these are back. Great interview, Gratus and Austin.
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    The HomeBrewTalk Top Recipes - Part 1

    @Gavin C Agreed, I've brewed that one many times. It's a great ESB. @JonM Do it.
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    Speeding Up Brew Day

    Good article Brett.
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    Science on Tap - The Science of Beer Aging - Styles

    Great article! Taught me a thing or two.
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    Lessons Learned: My First Year in Home Brewing

    Great article, Ay-Ay-Ron. I wish I had read something like this when I first started brewing. I am in no way biased in my opinion on the quality of this article.
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    Glow in the Dark Beer!

    Three words: Secondary in Chernobyl.
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    A Guide to Cleaning your Grain Mill

    Ha. I've never cleaned my grain mill. I just brush off the loose grain dust and put it back up when I'm done.