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    Illinois Interest in Central Illinois Brew Club?

    Good morning Illinois brewers, I grew up just north of Peoria and spent the next 12 years in college and stationed across the country while in the Air Force. I got bit by the homebrew bug during my first assignment in Dayton, OH. I had a few friends who brewed and a great local homebrew...
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    Advice on Los Angeles

    Everyone, I'm active duty Air Force and have the distinct displeasure of being assigned to Los Angeles AFB, CA. I just got my notification yesterday and need some good info on the area. Do any of you live near the base? It's near LAX if you didn't know there was a base in LA. I grew up...
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    Poor Efficiency BIAB Dunkleweizen

    I've made over 15 batches with BIAB. Always right around 75 +/- 2 % efficiency. Last night I made a dunkleweizen and got terrible efficiency. Using a brewhouse efficiency of 75%, I should have had an OG of 1.056. I ended up with 1.044. Grain bill follows. 50% Dark Wheat 30% Dark Munich...
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    Hello from SW Ohio, for now!

    Hello all, I've been brewing since the fall of 2013, but am new to this forum. I did learn a lot from the forum so I thought that I should join and participate in the sharing of information. I've been doing 2 gal all grain batches by the process described in "Brooklyn Brew Shops" books...