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    Creating yeast strains

    There are many different strains of yeast available some produce more alcohol others less, some produce esters and others do not. How can a homebrewer go about creating a strain of yeast unique from a store bought strain? If I wanted a super yeast like the one used to brew utopias could I...
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    How long to mash an RIS?

    I plan on brewing my second all grain beer this weekend. It will be a Russian imperial stout. My first beer was step mashed following directions from "The Complete Joy of Hombrewing". This one however will be a single infusion and I want to know how long I should mash for. A tutorial by Orfy...
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    Saved by homebrew!

    My dad was talking to a friend of his and he told be how his friend was saved by beer. My dad's friend was working on his dissertation when he got a call. It was his friend who said "hey come on over I just brewed an incredible beer!" He said "no I have to write this paper sorry." Finally his...
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    Chocolate beer

    Well chocolate seems to be a popular addition to stouts and even when no chocolate is added some beers resemble or have flavor similar to chocolate. The Spanish conquistadors found the Aztec king drinking the first form of chocolate known as xocolatl . They made some sort of chocolate drink...
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    New labels

    You may remember a while ago I posted my label which was a seal with a picture of a dog. I decided to rework it and have done one label for my dunkelweizen (bottled) and one for a stout I will brew soon. Any feedback is appreciated. The designs are pretty simplistic as I'm not very...
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    First label!

    So what do you guys thing of my first label? It's conditioning right now. Also how should I affix my labels to the bottles?