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    Ohio CBUS FT:20lb CO2 ISO: 5lb CO2

    Sale fell through this morning. I have an empty 20lb CO2 tank with expired hydro date in good condition I would like to trade for a 5lb CO2 tank in similar condition. Looking for something smaller for my keezer. Located in Columbus Ohio - local pick-up only. If no trades I will sell it...
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    Ohio Sold

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    Ohio Free cascade rhizomes - IP Dublin Ohio

    I just dug up a cascade crown and have about 7 rhizome for someone who wants them. I left some vines on as I think you can plant them quickly and maintain them but they all have other buds on them. In person pickup only in Tuttle Crossing area...
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    Whirlfloc timing for extended whirlpool?

    Im doing an extended 30 minute hot rest/whirlpool at around 200F with my ipa and wondering when i should add whirlfloc? Im doing a 60 minute boil before the hot rest and most of the hops will be added during this 30 minute hot rest/whirlpool period. Im leaning to close to the end of the...
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    Stout variant experiment

    So I want to do a 5g batch of stout and break it up after primary fermentation into 5 1-gallon jugs and age each one on different "things" I'm trying to settle on a recipe and curious what everyone thinks would be something good to use. I'm had been thinking about an American Stout type...
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    CYBI 120 Minute clone, do you have lessons learned?

    Trying to gather as much info on Dogfsh 120 clones in the next few days and wondering if anyone had input/insight/suggestions/results/etc from previous brews they contribute. Going to follow the can you brew it show on the 120 minute clone with some tweaks. Seems they came pretty close, but a...
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    Favorite "black and tans"

    So the other night I did the Evil Twin Ying and Yang "black and tan" and must say I was surprised how delicious it was. Wondering what other mixes people have came up with or can suggest that were awesome. I've had what I think they called The Foreman at Breckenridge Brewery in Denver, a...
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    Couple of insect ?'s

    So tonight i looked through my two cascade hops plants. I found a few baby praying mantis's and a few spiders, so that's cool. However I found some things I'm not sure of. I found a few small katydids. I've researched a little and get conflicting info on whether they will do more harm than...
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    New Holland new Hatter beers

    Found these three guys today. From looking on their site, it looks like there might be a smoked and a farmhouse version. Anyone had these or the others?
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    When to transfer a berliner

    Does anyone have good insight/recommendation on when a berliner weisse should be transfered from the primary to a seconday? FYI - I brewed a Jamil'ish recipe berliner with approx 1.032 og, i did the short boil (15 minutes), pitched a vial of white labs 6 months past guarantee date lacto d...
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    My new Goose Island Clybourn awning

    Just found this pic on my phone from last year DLD weekend tonight and had to throw a quick photoshop on it. p.s. mods, not sure if this is the best section of the forum for this, I guess the responses will help determine that. Please move to more appropriate fourm section if necessary.
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    Awesome grand prismatic pic

    first of let me say I'm jealous of the fellow MT HBT'ers. Awesome pic from billings gazette photographer. I've visited here about three years ago and never seen such beauty in my life. Yellowstone is a truly magical and beautiful place...
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    120 minute in Chicago ??

    Anyone know where I might be able to locate a bottle or two this weekend (bar or beer store). Binnys has it listed online, but doubtful it's actually in the stores.
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    Goose Island Big John

    I was ecstatic to walk into the beer store tonight and find Goose Island Big John had arrived to little old Columbus Ohio. Ive been waiting for this for a while as imperial stouts are my fav, so I cracked one open tonight. Bottled on 03/25 and listed @ 11.5 abv and 60 ibu. I gave it a C...
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    Tax Time!

    Taxes kinda suck as I always put it off until last minute - at least I'm having a homebrew making the process more palatable. :mug:
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    Start of new stir plate

    So I've decided to do a fun little project of upgrading current stir plate in a radio shack project box to something a little more bling'ed up! I want the ability to have two 2000ml starters going at the same time if the need calls. Picked up one of these at Microcenter (in silver) - can...
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    Greg Hall urinating into glasses @ Bangers & Lace

    Kind of funny....kind of not. Make of it what you will.,0,7513800.story
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    Happy new Beer's eve

    I'll be celebrating with some green flash ipa and maybe a bottle of Ovila Dubbel if I feel frisky!:mug:
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    Ipad2 - really an improvement?

    So I had the first iPad for a week and returned it to get the new one. The cameras in the new one totally suck, the weight reduction, although nice, makes it feel almost cheap. The speaker is in A weird place and projects sound differently depending on how it's held. The dual core processor...
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    Dark lord day trade/meet

    Didn't see this anywhere else, but please let me know if so. Seeing who I can meet @ DLD this year or if anyone is organizing a hbt meeting this year. I will be bringing a 6 pack of Hop Slam, a bottle of 10 dark lord, founders kbs, founders imperial stout, founders 10 Nemesis, home brew choco...