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    Fermentation Chamber Design Considerations

    I'm planning on rebuilding my ferm chamber this winter, and was hoping to get a collection of tips and "nice to haves" when planning it out. The basic design would be: Square or rectangular area in a garage that would hold x number of fermenters. Have heating (space heater) and cooling...
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    How do YOU clean your kettle?

    As I'm slowly building in more and more automation into my process, I seem to become more and more annoyed by any "manual" process (i.e. Cleaning). I use a cooler for my MLT, and it simply gets dumped in the compost bin. I use the runoff from the chiller to clean it the rest of the way. The...
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    Bulk Grain Storage - Plywood?

    So I have a very limited amount of space in a closet below my basement steps to store grains, and I'd like to make something custom out of wood store sacks of grain. Any concerns with using wood to make a box to store grains in? Any type of commonly available sheet goods wood work (plywood...
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    Harbor Freight Coupon Website

    Check out the following link for nearly all of the current HF coupons. I came across this site a little while ago, and seeing that many of the projects we do require one or two use tools, this site has been awesome: Harbor Freight Coupon Thread - Forums
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    Folding hop trellis - sort of

    In the true spirit of DIY, I'm probably over complicating, over thinking, and over engineering this, but here goes. I'm trying to squeeze out as much height in to a trellis as I can, so came up with the following: Basically stage 1 is on the left. The plant grows up and winds around a...
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    Harbor Freight Welder

    So I'm thinking about getting this welder from HF. On sale and after coupons etc, it looks like it would be about $190. My needs would be: Welding aluminum, mild steel (ibedframes) for brew cart. Odd jobs around the house (repairing lawn tools, etc) Tacking together metal frames for trellis...
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    Running a 220 line out the garage - sanity check!

    Ok, so I'm getting really close to taking the plunge and running a 220 line out to my detached garage, and was hoping that someone could point out if there are any no-no's in my plan. The garage is detached and run will be about 50 feet from main to sub panel. My plan is to run 220 and 110...
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    JB Weld, Electric Elements

    Ok, so hopefully this hasn't been posted before, and if it has, oh well. I've made a few heat sticks following the awesome write up that The Pol wrote. One of the steps is to mix both tubes of jb weld together and "pour" it into a 1" pvc coupling. Well, when you mix the stuff it basically...
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    Parts for copper thermowell?

    Ok, so I've done some searching but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I'm making copper thermowells out of 1/4" OD soft copper from Lowes. Inside will be a DSB1820.. I'm having problems finding some sort of compression fitting to fit this size. These are for the HLT and BK...
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    Sanguino / DS18B20 wiring

    Admittedly I'm brand new to the Sanguino, but I was able to get the darn thing put together, so I *should* be able to hook a few wires together. Is there anyone that would be able to provide a picture, or point me in the right direction, for how a DS18b20 sensor should be wired? I'm using...