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    Hops too far gone?

    From what I can see in the picture the lupulin seems to be bright yellow instead of a darker orange. That's a good sign. How do they smell? If they have a hoppy aroma and you can tell they are Cascades I.E. a bit of citrus then yes although my Cascades aren't very aromatic. How do they feel...
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    New Hops - Problem Diagnosis (pics)

    When you amended the soil did you adjust for pH? Clay soil might not allow proper drainage and hops don't like to be sitting in water AFAIK. Unfortunate about the sprinkler line being shallow, if possible might till the soil deeper - say 12-18 inches and amend the soil to help with drainage...
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    Help identify my hops

    You're on the right track using a hop tea with the samples. I use that with my four varieties to get an idea of how they are progressing for bitterness and flavor before each harvest season. The only way I could think of to figure this out would be to buy the same hop varieties at a home brew...
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    Early season shoot woes

    Here's some resources to figure out the timing hop pruning and training dates. This may be what B-Hoppy was talking about with MSU's info. Jako, I see you are from N. Utah so you might be able to use the Idaho or Yakima valley harvest dates on this first page and pruning / training dates from...
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    first crack at a Stone Ripper "clone"

    I am interested in brewing this as well. Any feedback on how this turned out or tweaks to the recipe?
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    Normal or not?

    I agree, the krausen hangs around. The pictures in this thread looks normal for 1272. Cold crash and the yeast will fall out of suspension along with any remaining krausen. I like this yeast though, flocculates well, very compact yeast cake and I like the extra flavor profiles vs. 1056.
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    Dos Equis?

    I kegged this last batch on 04/07/13. The beer, although flat has a different malt character with the Wyeast 2352-PC Munich Lager II yeast. More malt forward and a nice smooth mouth feel. I'm glad I picked up this yeast, and harvested it for use in another lager that is TBD. The beer itself...
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    Dos Equis?

    I am now lagering the second batch of Dos Equis. Fermenting using Wyeast 2352-PC Munich Lager II was very low sulfur as advertised. I did a two day diacetyl rest at ale temps. I'll update after a month and a half when the beer is carbed on how it tastes.
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    Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale?

    I don't have the BYO recipe but I have the one from Can You Brew It on the Brewing Network. This is the recipe straight from Lagunitas. I feel it's close to the original version and it turned out awesome. I did not make any adjustments to my water, used just city tap water so you're mileage...
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    Specialty Grains

    I've added my dark grains at vorlauf with the following grain bill. On the previous attempt at this beer I had the dark grains added in for the entire mash time and it turned out a bit bitter. On the second attempt the taste was much smoother. Granted I do not change the water chemistry so...
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    Erlenmeyer? No.

    Agreed! It makes you look like a mad effing scientist. What more persuasion could you need? Science wills it!!!
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    I hate dme

    My very first boil of extract brewing boiled over. Every since then 6 - 8 drops of Fermcap for 5 gallons FTMFW!!! (Oh and psssttt all grain or gtfo :-D)
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    Golden Rye IPA Recipe Help

    Awesome, thanks for the reply back on how this turned out. I've brewed one rye IPA, but it wasn't up to par really. If this has passed the taste tests I'm all ears.
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    Dos Equis?

    So the first batch of Dos Equis XX Amber turned out great. Very close to the original and not bad for my first lager. I want to try a different yeast and I found Wyeast has this from the private collection: Wyeast 2352-PC Munich Lager II Beer Styles: Lager, Oktoberfest/Marzen, Munich...
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    Raspberry Apple Cider

    It turned out good, although I should of back-sweetened some. It was just a bit tart but overall pretty good. Maybe it's just my taste but I seem to prefer Apfelwein over the raspberry flavor.
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    Dos Equis?

    Thank you for sharing a site that has not only lager recipes, but a wide variety of different styles.
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    Dos Equis?

    Dos Equis Amber is pretty darn good, especially with some Mexican food. I've noticed that this beer on tap is great, in the bottle not so much. I have a batch that is just about ready to be kegged after lagering for a month. In a few more weeks I'll see how it is. This is a trial run and if...
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    Fermenting in plastic bucket

    I've brewed every two weeks for two years and let each batch sit in a bucket for up to three weeks. I've had no oxidation issues with any batches. Your local LHBS is full of B.S. :). I also like the plastic buckets as they are easier to transport, clean and you don't have to worry about...
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    American Amber Ale Zach & Jack's African Amber

    Great, thanks for sharing Dwight! I guess it's time to dust off a growler and fill'er up with some Mac & Jack amber. Then it's off to yeast harvesting / propagation. "Kettle Coagulents AllFloc from Alltech Enhanced Kappa Carrageenan...
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    Primary Fermentation then Dry-Hop

    If you keg dry hop in the keg, carb it up and enjoy. I just leave the hops in there and really enjoy it.