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    Beer Tasting Expert and Entertainer Needed in DFW. Will pay $!!

    My company is looking for someone to do a beer tasting event at our suites at the Ballpark in Arlington. This would be delivered to our existing and prospective clients. We've done wine tastings and had a scotch master from Glenfiddich (sp?) do a scotch tasting that was very entertaining. I...
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    Aluminum Pint Bottles?

    Anyone used these aluminum pint bottles Miller is selling? I'm concerned that they're not really intended for reuse but I'm interested in hearing if anyone has any first hand experience.
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    Anyone else excited about the new season of Heroes? The 2 hour premier was pretty good and looks like the upcoming episodes should be pretty good.
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    AG Open Invite in Fort Worth

    I'd like to post an open invite to the DFW area for anyone interested in joining me on a brew day. I'm up in Fort Worth doing all-grain 5 gallon batches and it's always better to brew together. With the weather cooling off, I'll probably be knocking out a batch every weekend or so over the...
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    Smooth Brew Day Today

    I've only done a few AG batches and today was definitely the smoothest brew day I've had. I hit my SG right on the mark, everything was timed well and didn't have any major hiccups. I still think I could shave 45-60 minutes off my time if it wasn't so windy outside blowing my flame around so...
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    Brewing to Celebrate Cowboys Stadium Opening

    Today is the opening of the Cowboys new stadium. I won't be there in person, but I am brewing to celebrate this great moment. I'm brewing up an AG dry stout. I've got a package of oak chips left over so I think I'll make an oaked dry stout. This will be a new brew for me, and a new stadium...
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    Props to Austin Homebrew Supply!

    Austin Homebrew Supply is running their 50 days 50 state sale again. Saturday was Texas' day and I placed an order for some stuff with the expectation that I'd probably get it by the end of the week or so. I got an email today, and my package is already sitting at my door! They got my order...
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    Positive Comments on First AG Brews

    I took a couple bottles of a black ale to work with me and handed them out to a few beer drinking coworkers and they really liked it. One guy said it tasted just like a micro brew. It was my first AG brew done with the BIAB technique. I personally was very pleased with the results and...
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    To Oak, or Not To Oak?

    I brewed up an AG Arrogant Bastard clone a few weeks back and got the oak chips with it. Now I'm debating on whether or not to oak the beer. I picked up a sixer of the OAB and found it pretty drinkable. I just don't know if I want 6 gallons of the oaked instead of 6 gallons of original AB...
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    Brewing While Windy

    I brew outside on my turkey fryer and have trouble when the wind picks up. Anyone got any tips for brewing while it's windy? It's hard for me to get and keep a good rolling boil when the wind is blowing the flame all over.
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    Heat Tolerance of PET?

    My latest AG batch that I mashed in the oven missed my target gravity by quite a bit. I know it was due to not using enough sparge water and not thinking all the way through how I was going to handle the larger grain bill for the batch. Now that I can look back at it, I think I can still mash...
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    Newbie AG Calculation Question

    I brewed up an Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale clone this past weekend and missed my target SG by like .025, I'm right at 1.050 and need to bump that up. Could someone post the calculation for how many SG points a particular amount of DME will increase a volume of 5 gallons? I promise I'm not too...
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    Great Deal in DFW 150.00 (Kegs, C02, Carboys, Brewpot.....)

    Came across this in the DFW classifieds today, sounds like a great deal for a startup kit or to add some significant extra gear to someone's existing setup. Homebrew Co2 Bottle &Carboys For Beer I just bought a Megapot, another primary and some various odds and ends. Otherwise, I'd be...
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    Re-pitch or Warm Up?

    I brewed my first Belgian Quad about a month or so ago and the fermentation took off quickly but I think the high gravity really strained the yeast and it has since slowed down but still showing signs of fermentation. It's been in "secondary" for a few weeks but the gravity is still much higher...
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    My Friday Night Drinking Haul

    So, I stopped by the beer and liquor store on the way home today and picked up some goodies for tonight and this weekend. Here's what I got: Young's Double Chocolate Stout Stone Ruination IPA Stone Smoked Porter x2 Chimay Grande Reserve 3 Philosopher's Shiner Smokehaus x6 Non-beer...
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    North Texas Storms

    We've got some more intense storms on the way. Our sales manager at work had his house hit by a tornado from the storms just the other day. We've still got a significant amount of people without power in the area. Everyone stay safe if this is heading your way. As "luck" would have it, our...
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    My Absinthe Tasting Observations

    Fed Ex just dropped off my bottle of Absinthe. I got the Lucid brand after doing some online research and hearing good things about this one. Taste: Very stong licorice flavor dominates. A slight sweetness accents this from the small amount of sugar that the cold water was poured over...
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    Apparently, there is no such site as Or porno site for that matter strangely enough. I tried to access this site a few times and much to my chagrin and it just would not load. Finally I put the beer down, minimize HBT and AHS's site and actually look at what I was typing to find...
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    Mashing in the Oven?

    So this weekend I'm going to give DB's stove top AG technique a try. I'll be boiling with my turkey fryer but that's about the only difference. I hear that some people warm up the oven and put their pot in there while letting it mash. Just wondering if someone could share some details on...
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    FREE - 5 gallon glass carboy (DFW Area Only)

    I'm giving away my 5 gallon glass carboy to anyone in the DFW area that's willing to come get it or maybe meet me somewhere convenient to my work. I work in Euless right off 183. I've used it maybe 2-3 times before trading over to better bottles. This thing is taking up space and I don't...