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    AHS All Grain Instructions Question

    So, I did up my first AG on Sunday using an AHS recipe kit (AHS Hoppy Red Ale). Everything went smoothly, I hit all my numbers, beautiful, no complaints, pure joy :). Great. I followed the AHS instructions except that I did a batch sparge and they call for a fly sparge. There was one curious...
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    Brew or Brew Fest?

    I'm facing a dilemma. Next weekend there is a brew fest about 2 hours from my house featuring all New York craft breweries - around 30 I think. SWMBO has said that I am free to go but that I have to be back before the kids have dinner and go to bed (by 6pm). That means I drive 2+ hours, go to...
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    Everything was going so well...

    So I brewed up an AHS APA today, partial mash, full boil. Everything went great, no problems, smooth all the way. I get the wort into my primary bucket and take the gravity reading and get 1.044 (adjusted). According to the AHS recipe and Beersmith I should have come out with a 1.051 OG. I...
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    California Common Carb Question

    I brewed up a California Common, fermented at 62 degrees, all good. My question is, after bottling, do I let these carb up at my fermentation temp or do I raise temp to 70 degrees like I do with other ales?
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    Greetings from Goldens Bridge, NY!

    I've been lurking for months now, occasionally posting a reply, and I realized I better say hello! So here I am. About 6 years SWMBO bought me a Mr. Beer kit and I made a lot of beer with it for about two years. Then in '06 baby number one came along and the brewing went by the wayside...