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    5 or 10 gal bourbon barrel

    WTB a fresh 5 or 10 gal bourbon barrel.
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    2-2.5 gal Keg

    I am looking for a 2 or 2.5 gal keg.
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    WTB Stone Brewery 4-20-13

    I am in search of stone brewery 4-20-13. My first born decided to come 6 weeks early on the 20th, and I thought it would be cool to buy a bottle and put back. If anyone has one or knows where I can find it please pm me. P.S. I will pay a little over msrp.
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    Help coming up with a recipe!!

    I just found out that I am going to be a dad for the first time. I am looking for a really good beer to make that needs to be aged for several months. The baby is due at the end of May-June and I want it to celebrate the arrival of the baby with my friends and family. I am open to all...
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    Wtb stainless beer cask

    I am looking for a cask that is in good shape.
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    Is it infected?!

    I am not sure if my beer is infected. Could someone help me out om this one?
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    Logo Help Please!!

    I was wondering if any of you guys would be kind enough to help me come up with logo ideas or drawings? When it comes to drawings and pictures I am not real creative. lol... The name of me "brewery" is Son of A Beach Brewery. I would appreciate any help you all can give. Thanks guys, John
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    750ml Bottles that you can cap?

    Does anyone know where I can find some 750ml bottles that you can cap with a normal beer cap? There is a local brewery here that uses some but they are not being to helpful and wont tell me where I could get some or let me buy them off of them. We are needing about 80 for a fundraiser. Thanks
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    Oak question

    I have a red ale that I want to add some burboun and oak to but I wasn't planning on transferring the beer to a secondary and wasn't sure if I should add the oak and bourbon now in the bucket or put it in the keg and let it age a little while its carving?
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    Bottling and kegging

    I have only kegged one batch of beer and decided I want to bottle about ten bottles of my next two battches and keg the rest. Do I need to do anythig special when I keg primed beer, or do I just put it in? Also one of the beers is an oktoberfest so do I need to add some yeast before priming and...
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    Keezer sweating

    Why is my keezer sweating so bad and getting so much water on the inside? I have a fan in it to keep the air moving but that isn't helping.
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    Brewery owner?

    I was just wondering how many people on here has actually started a micro brewery and having success with it?
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    I have my first lager in the primary and it is just about time to start lagering, but not sure if I really need to rack it to a secondary. I usually don't rack my ales and didn't know if it would make a difference on a lager.
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    Turning a kit into pumpkin beer

    I have a boston red ale partial mash kit from midwest and I thought about adding some spices and pumkin to make a pumkin beer. Has anyone made this kit or think it would be good to do?
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    First lager help

    I brewed my first lager today, and pitched the yeast when it was around 70 degrees and this was at noon. I just got home and still no signs of fermentation.... is something wrong or do you think it will take off?
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    Favorite wine?

    What is your favorite wine to make and drink? I am new to wine making so I really don't have one yet, but I have a very berry wine and a pumpkin mess in the fermented.
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    From or Near Huntington, WV??

    Is there any people around the Huntington, WV area?
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    Dead Guy Partial mash

    Does anyone have or can help me convert one of the Dead Guy clone recipes to a partial mash?
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    Simple partial mash?

    I am looking for a simple partial mash recipe to do for my first partial. I am looking for a amber to darker beer with a good spice that would be good for the fall time. Does anyone have something that they would like to share?
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    Lagering Temps?

    How cold is to cold to lager? I keep my keezer at 41 and wanting to try to lager in it as well but didn't know if that was to cold.