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  1. jpd1009

    Mixing ingredients in a conical fermentor.

    Hi, I have made a few coopers recipes, fermenting in a S/S keg king conical fermentor. The ingredients always consist of the syrup concentrate, dry ingredients, i.e. dextrose, dry malt, etc, and water. I have always struggled to get my head around just dumping the ingredients into the...
  2. jpd1009

    Timing for bottling a saison?

    Hi, I am brewing a Coopers Citrus Sail Saison and have just realised that I am away for 7 days starting day 10 of the fermentation. There is little information with the recipe on fermentation time other than checking OG, i.e. between 1008-1013 and stable for 2 days. I am trying to do a little...
  3. jpd1009

    Aqyarium chiller and pump

    Hi all, my first post... I have a Keg King conical fermenter. Heating is via heat belts, cooling via an internal coil with water pumped into an esky filled with iced water (rotating frozen icecream containers filled with water). I am now replacing the ice rotation system with an aquarium...
  4. jpd1009

    Adding a beer kit to a conical fermentor.

    Ive recently changed to a conical fermentor from the basic coopers setup. I am scratching my head over adding the brew kit to the fermentor without much of the syrup lodging in the sump and not being mixed properly. Thoughts?