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  1. JoeMama

    Re-reintroduction (of sorts)

    Wow... Its been a number of years since I posted here, and SO MUCH has changed. I sold off my brew lot that I had learned and acquired, been through SEVERAL other hobbies, and even quit drinking alcohol for a number of years. Yet in the past year or so, I have (re-learned) my innate love of...
  2. JoeMama

    CO2 is mean

    That is all... I am mad at CO2 today because it stinks, kills people in large concentrations, carbonates my beer (but also makes my bottles go boom), acts as 'plant food' (**** them plants - they need to get in mah bellah) and did I mention it STINKS WHEN I OPEN MY FERMENTER? Oh yeah, I think...
  3. JoeMama

    Getting a little concerned about my Apfelwein

    It would appear that my classic signs of fermentation with Apfelwein have failed to appear and I am coming up on day 4/5 of creation. SOPs were followed, 5 gallons of AJ, 2 Lbs of corn sugar and a packet of yeast. The only issue was my ferm cab temp held steady at no more than 60 degrees...
  4. JoeMama

    ABV - I just made the connection.

    Ive always heard the term ABV here slung around here on the forums (rightfully so) its an abbreviation of 'Alcohol By Volume' On another forum that I visit, ABV is just as commonly used, but its meaning is different - 'Already Been Vaped' Rock on bretheren. Rock on...
  5. JoeMama

    I'm concerned about getting an infection in my beer

    I dont know if this is a rational thought or not, but Ive been becoming more and more concerned with infecting my own beer. Normally my brewdays go off without a hitch, fermentation is a lazy process (for me) and it goes into the keg for aging with no issues. Upon sipping my first pour, I...
  6. JoeMama

    My new gimmick toy from the SWMBO

    While I might be mildly annoyed with the SWMBO going out and spending $$$ today, I do have to give her some cool points for finding a cool gimmicky glass for me to use once or twice then put on display. Here is a shot of it with my bitter arse IPA Deelish
  7. JoeMama

    Is HP Racist? It appears that HP has followed suit of GWB (according to Kayne). Okay, it was a feeble attempt at humor... I fail miserably.
  8. JoeMama

    WOW! Talk about bitter!

    I made a mistake on my (pseudo) Stone IPA cloneish beer - here is the recipe Grain Bill 13 lbs. - 2 Row Pale Malt 1/2 lb. - Crystal Malt (10L) 1/2 lb. - Crystal Malt (20L) Hop Schedule 1 oz - Magnum (75 Min.) 1 oz - Centennial - at Flameout 2 oz - Centennial - Dry Hop in secondary...
  9. JoeMama

    Im bored, I thought I would share...

    I was looking at stuff my wife had been posting on our family website, and I came across this little gem of life happening that made me laugh. Its not really 'scat' is it? I mean, this is nature that is doing it :p -Me
  10. JoeMama

    Off Flavored/Bad Tasting Beer Appreciation Thread

    I must say that I am now a fan of my beers that taste like total ass, but still resemble beer. Its not necessarily that I *enjoy* the off flavoredness. The overpowering esteryness, the mouth numbing band-aid flavoring, the 'hotness' of a young beer. ITS JUST WHEN I THINK A BATCH IS...
  11. JoeMama

    I really think I have a problem

    I know that I have said this before, but damn... If it wasnt reaffirmed once again today. I am really infatuated with beer, and brewing as well. Of course I have ranted about the different smells of brewday and how wonderous they are, and how I love my beer in so many fascets when I drink it...
  12. JoeMama

    2ndary ferm, degassing, infection?

    See, its times like this that make me think I BETTER get into the habit of using my hydrometer... I did an AHS pumpkin ale close to a month ago. It had a ridiculous fermentation and finally settled down then cleared. I figured I would just turn down the thermostat in my ferm cabinet to...
  13. JoeMama

    Just pulled the trigger on 3 lbs of hops

    Oh boy... This is a first for me. As it sits now, I have little baggies of 1/2 oz 'assorted hops' from other brew sessions and one time recipes. I settled on Cascades, Centenials, and Magnums. (Yeah, I guess Im kind of fond of the IPAs eh?) Im excited to have to many hops to play with!! -Me
  14. JoeMama

    Just received my first WHOLE LEAF hops!

    A buddy of mine has a Northern Brewer plant that has been at his house for YEARS and he normally harvests for no other reason than to harvest. He will occasionally make a tea from the hops, but other than that I dont think he has ever used these hops in his brewing. Well, he just brought be a...
  15. JoeMama

    Craft Beer Festival - VA Beach VA This weekend I went to a Ciao festival last weekend and it was a wine snob fest. Nice enough place, but Im not into wines like I am beer. Hope to see you there! -Me
  16. JoeMama

    Poker Etiquette

    I am an avid TH fan and I play most every night online, and once weekly (free game) at a local bar. I have hosted my own games, built my own poker tables (and the list goes on) Needless to say, I am pretty familliar with the runnings of poker, and the proper etiquette of gameplay and such. In...
  17. JoeMama

    Wow, talk about knuckleheaded...

    Recently I was making mention to the fact that I made an IPA that A. Was too dark (WAY) B. Had nice hop aroma, but bitterness was lacking C. Tasted like beer, but I was disappointed. Well, today I decided to tap my brown ale which was naturally carbing. I took a pull of this (warm beer)...
  18. JoeMama

    IPA not so IPA and odd aftertaste

    I recently brewed an AHS Stone IPA clone and put it on tap. From day one, this beer smelled AWESOME. Now that its on tap, its kinda eh... For one, its DARK as all get out. I would say this beer reminds me way more of an Arrogant Bastard in that respect. Hop bitterness is lacking a little...
  19. JoeMama

    Please talk me off the ledge before my beer does.

    I just drank the last of my commercial brew (DFH60 and a Pumpkin ale) I have 2 kegs of beer that I primed a week ago. They both spent 2 weeks in the primary, IPA spent an extra week in the dry hop. BOTH kegs have 2 more weeks to go for priming purposes. I have 1 beer in the primary...
  20. JoeMama

    Fermcap in the boil = Fermcap in the ferm vessel?

    I ask this because I chose to tone down my boil and use some fermcap in the boil (just because) Of course the fermcap did its job in the boil, but how much of this transfers to the fermentation vessel? I know that it settles out in the trub, but I was wondering from the perspective of those...