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    AHA Focal Banger Clone

    Thinking of brewing this but had a few questions. 9lb Fawcett Pearl 4.8lb Pilsner 6-7 ML Hopshot @60 1 oz Mosaic @10 1oz Mosaic @5 1oz Mosaic 10 min whirlpool 4oz Citra DH Burlington Ale Yeast OG 1.064 FG 1.012 IBU 80 SRM 5 Question 1 - Can't find Pearl Malt on Beersmith. What should I...
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    Mt Hood Pilsner Recipe Critique

    I have a pound of 2016 Mt Hood I need to use. Does this look ok? Im concerned it may be good much hops even though the IBU and BU/GU ratio are right for the style. This would be my first lager. OG 1.048 ABV 4.9% IBU 36 9.5 lbs Weyermann Pilsner .5 lbs Carafoam 1oz. Mt hood 60 1oz. Mt Hood...
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    Mt Hood 2016 Crop

    I bought a pound of 2016 Mt Hood from Yakima Valley Hops before I read that they don't do well for long storage. I think the number I read is that they retain 50-60% of their AA after 6mos. The AA is something like 5%. Should I adjust this when building my recipe?
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    Does this water look ok for NEIPA?

    Ca 78 Mg 3 Na 42 SO4 84 Cl 148 HCO3 0
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    NE Pale Ale Recipe Critique

    OG 1.054 FG 1.014 IBU 42.4 SRM 4.8 80% Maris Otter 17.5 % Flaked Oats 2.5 % Honey Malt .5 Citra 10 Min .5 Galaxy 10 Min .5 Mosaic 10 Min .5 Citra 20 Min steep .5 Galaxy 20 Min Steep .5 Mosaic 20 Min Steep .5 Citra DH at High Krausen .5 Galaxy DH at HK .5 Mosaic DH at HK...
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    Opinions on Vienna Lager Recipe

    5 Gallon Batch OG 1.054 SRM 12.7 ABV 5.7% IBU 25.6 I don't want to use any Caramel malts, and am shooting for something that is fairly dry and crisp with a good balance of malt with slightly noticeable bitterness.
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    Red Rye Ale Recipe Help

    I thinking of brewing a Red Rye Ale. I'm pretty new so I don't know where to start with this recipe. I'm thinking slightly malty/spicy on the front with a semi dry finish. Not real Hoppy. I want the spice from the Rye to shine. I'm thinking something like Saaz at maybe 30 IBU. Or maybe another...
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    Lemon Lavender Saison split batch kettle sour

    I've got a 5 gallon all-grain Lemon Lavender Saison Kit from Great Fermentations that I will be brewing in the next week or so. I was thinking about pulling off a gallon and trying to kettle sour it with Lacto. Do y'all think this will work. I guess I would just pull off maybe a gallon...
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    First IPA Design Critique

    Opinions on this IPA? Will be my first not following any specific recipe. 3 Gallon Batch OG 1.068 IBU 77.3 SRM 5.5 7 lbs 2 Row 85% 12 oz Munich 9% 8 oz White Wheat 6% .5 oz Columbus FWH 44.6 IBU .5 oz Simcoe Boil 10 min 13.6 IBU .5 oz Cascade Boil 10 Min 5.8 IBU .5 oz...
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    450 North Brewing Dank Candy Gummy Haze

    Anyone had this and attempted a clone? Love this stuff! They say the hops change from can to can, but I would love to hear what the grain bill is.
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    How does mash time effect final beer?

    I have noticed that on my first 2 recipes designed with Beersmith (Pale Ale, Single Infusion Mash, Medium Body), the mash time was 60 Min. On my second recipe (Saison, Single Infusion Mash, Light Body), it says 75 min mash time. Why the difference? I am assuming it is because of the...
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    Citra Saison

    Looking to do a Citra Saison. Possibly just a SMaSH. Anyone done one of these that can offer up some help. Looking at using 3711 and want to it be a light bodied, dryish, summertime beer. Would just Pilner malt, about 25-30 IBU of Citra and 3711 work well?
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    Catawba Eno Hoppy Pilsner Clone?

    I was wanting to try an attempt at a 2.5 gallon BIAB for the first time and would like to try to clone this beer. Their website lists the following: Malt: 2 Row and Malted Wheat (Don't know if Wheat is possible with BIAB?) Hops: Magnum/Halletrauer Mittlefruh/Idaho 7 (Says Idaho 7 are...
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    Yeast Starter Question

    I am doing an all extract Wheat. Beersmith calculated I need a 1.75 liter starter with White Labs 029. My LHBS said I could just use some of the 6 lbs of Wheat DME I have for the recipe. Problem is the recipe calls for 6 lbs, and Im using 6 oz in my starter. I will pitch the entire starter...
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    Boil DME or no?

    I picked up stuff for an American Hoppy Wheat today. It's just Wheat DME for the grain. My Homebrew store is now advising not to boil the DME. He says just do your boil with water and the hops and add the DME at the end? Does anyone do this? He says there's less caramelizarion. Is there a...
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    How to get a NEIPA in the South?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get a NEIPA shipped to the Southeast? I really want to try some before I attempt a brew. Would love to try Trillium's or Heady Topper, but i know those are difficult to get outside their home base. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Amarillo/Simcoe Wheat

    Recently tried another HBT member's Amarillo Hoppy Wheat. It was really nice. Has anyone done a wheat with Amarillo and Simcoe? Would they play nice together in a Wheat. I am looking for hoppy, and have designed a recipe with Amarillo for bittering, and Simcoe and Amarillo late additions...
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    Beginner Sour Question

    Can I simply brew a beer in which the style fits well with being soured, ferment it with a simple ale yeast, then pitch a bacteria culture that has the characteristics I'm looking for? For example, a Blonde, sacch fermented with say US-05, then add a lacto or brett strain in secondary and allow...
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    "Wild" idea thoughts?

    So I have a ginger bug in the fridge. What would happen if I brewed a simple blonde ale, fermented with basic ale yeast and very low IBU. Say 5 IBU. Then racked to secondary and pitched the ginger bug. Let it sit for several months, then added fruit. ??? I.e. Ginger Cranberry Sour Blonde...
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    Question About Sours

    Recently introduced to a few sours at a local brewery's "Sour Room". I tried 5 or 6 different ones and all of them were pretty dry. Is this typical of most Brett, Lacto, and Ped brews? I am researching for possibly brewing a sour for myself. I really like dry finishing beers, and want to...