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    Cell Phones

    Anyone have any experience with the Sony W350 cell phone? Specifically wondering about music capabilities (how much music will it hold), sound quality and battery life. And, texting capabilities. Is it easy to text. Also, does anyone know if it has wi-fi capabilities?
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    Secondary Regulators Question

    I purchased two secondary regulators from American Science Surplus (Perlick) for my keezer. I daisy chained them together, added a low pressure (30 psi) guage, and "y" splitters with check valves for each outlet and connected it to my primary regulator. I increased the gas from my primary to...
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    Snizzle Meeting

    Not sure if anyone is up for it, but I think we should have another get together. I'm thinking either Lunar Brewing in Villa Park or Gordon Biersch in Bolingbrook. Anyone up for it? I'm thinking a Saturday or Sunday for lunch like the Two Brothers get together.
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    Minimum chest freezer size

    Anyone have an idea of the minimum chest freezer size I would need for 6 5 gal. corneys? Would a 5.5 cu. ft. be big enough? I'm not worried about the CO2 tank because I can just run that through the collar and keep it outside of the freezer.
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    Beer Faucets and parts

    I'm getting ready to build the collar around my keezer and was wondering if anyone had a list of parts I'd need for the beer faucets. I.e. shanks, nipples etc. I would greatly appreciate it. I'm planning on buying standard chrome faucets and making the collar out of 2"x6" boards.
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    Ranco Controller wiring question

    Just wondering if it's best to use an extension cord for wiring up my ranco controller and if there are any recommended guages I should be using.
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    Online Investment Sites

    Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for online investment sites? Of, if anyone has suggestions of sites to stay away from. I'd be interested in hearing any experiences (positive or negative) for any sites any of you have used.
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    Recommendation on Temp controllers

    I'm about to purchase a temperature controller for my freezer, and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for which one to buy. I was thinking of going with this one (top of the page) Johnson Temperature Controller. Also, from everything I've read, that price is about what I should expect...
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    Experiences with Oktoberfests

    I brewed an oktoberfest/marzen awhile back and am currently lagering it now. I have about 1 more month of lagering but I just transferred it from a carboy to a keg and took a sample. Though it wasn't fully carbonated, there was a very peculiar flavor of black licorice (anise). Has anyone...
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    Yeast Cake/Recipe suggestions

    I have an Edinburgh yeast cake from a Scotch ale that I want to pitch a new beer on to that I'm going to brew this weekend. The problem is, I don't know what I should brew. I would like to brew a lighter beer (pale ale, IPA, light Amber), but I wouldn't mind a porter either. Any suggestions...
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    Gluten Free beer

    I've been toying with the idea of a gluten free beer. Anyone have a good recipe?
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    Brewferm Lager yeast

    Any one have any experience with Brewferm lager yeast? How well did it work, flavors, ect? Also, any suggestions for the using it (i.e. what styles it works best with and fermenting temps)?
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    Craigslist suggestion

    I have a 1/4 barrel, with a hole already cut (nice circle cut with plasma cutter) in the top available for sale. Someone is interested and offered trade or cash but didn't offer a cash amount. What does everyone think would be a reasonable price to put on it?
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    How a post quickly becomes derailed: A case study

    Ohh, wait, I have an even better idea. Get your self some sharks with lasers on their heads. When the sharks breath, they'll out gas the CO2 and they heat it up with laser to make it rise into your upside down carboy overhead. Of course, you'll have to fashion a one-way valve that with a CO2/O2...
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    Beer Filters

    Just wondering if any one has had significant experience with beer filters such as this and what your thought were. I keg and rarely bottle so yeast for carbonating isn't a problem. I add irish moss, crash cool and sometimes add geletin, but am still getting a significant amount of yeast...
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    Buffer 5.2 question

    I just ordered some Buffer 5.2 and was interested in some feedback from those of you that use it. Does in affect the taste or just efficiency? And, how much do you use for a typical 5 gal batch.
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    Label suggestions

    Any suggestions for a label and/or name would be greatly appreciated. This is for my corn cream ale I brewed for bird hunting camp. Here's one: Generic one: