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    Colorado LOCAL ONLY Longmont, CO COMPLETE Homebrew beer ready to brew everything you need

    Everything you need to brew including two 5 gallon partial mash recipes for Newcastle and Blue Moon. Oversized bayou burner that kicks ass! 8 gallon stainless pot with thermometer and stainless ball valve. Mash paddle is marked for this pot so you don't have to measure the water...
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    Colorado WILL SHIP Johnson A419 temperature controller wired and DIY Heatstick

    All prices are obo and + actual shipping. Some items can be combined with shipping of other items I have for sale. Johnson A419 temperature controller wired $50 Can be used for heating or cooling Used for kegerator and for brewing beer with aid of heatstick Includes long thermowell I have...
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    Colorado No Drill Whirlpool attachment WILL SHIP

    $20 + actual shipping or combine with other items I have for sale Comes with a couple feet of tubing Shipping from Longmont, Co 80504 Probably weighs 2-3 lbs and fit in 18x6x6 box
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    Colorado BADASS March pump toolbox setup WILL SHIP

    I sold my therminator and officially do not have use for my pump. It is a badass little setup for someone that doesn't have a brewstand. Very long extension cord, very convenient on/off switch and will include the stainless ball valve. I need to keep the camlock and barbed fittings though...
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    Colorado WILL SHIP: Blichmann Therminator $135 shipped

    Works great, just downsizing to 5 gallon batches and my immersion chiller works just fine for that. Will include stainless ball valve and mounting bracket. $135 shipped CONUS USPS Priority
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    Colorado Two Ball Lock Kegs $45 each - Longmont or Denver Tech Center

    Good condition and I believe I have new o-rings to go with them. One holds pressure with the current o-rings. The other has a leak from the pressure relief valve but I'll include a new valve I purchased but never put in. Soak in PBW and they'll be good to go! I live in Longmont but commute...
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    Colorado WILL SHIP: March 809 HS Lightly Used

    Only used a few sessions. Like new besides a small section of the power cord but it is electrical taped and doesn't impact use at all. Originally: $125 local $135 Shipped Price dropped to $105 local $115 shipped CONUS OBO Not looking for trades at this time. Thank you.
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    Sanke coupler leaking at beer out... use teflon?

    I searched the archives and hadn't found a thread with my problem. The coupler is leaking at the nut for the beer out. A bit of foam develops on the edge of the nut and closest to the bottom threads. It doesn't appear to be leaking on the top of the nut where the washer is. First time...
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    Splash racking cider to get rid of hydrogen sulfide?!?

    So this has me confused. After beer is fermented you are supposed to be careful when transferring because if you disturb it too much it could get oxygenated. But I've read that for cider, one way to help get rid or hydrogen sulfide (rhino farts) is that you can splash rack it even after...
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    How to REALLY control the craft beer market

    I'm not one of the tinfoil hat wearing anti AB/Inbev people but I recently saw this short video and had an epiphany. If AB/Inbev really wanted to control the craft beer market, they'd start buying up all of the hop farms. When that starts happening... then I might join the tinfoil hat...
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    Brewer's Best Cider House Select Mixed Berry - Top Up to 6 or 5 gallons?

    I've searched and read through all the threads regarding these kits. Very limited information on whether to follow the instructions and top up to 6 gallons per the instructions or only top up to 5 gallons. Trying this out for SWMBO and since she's the cider drinker. I found one guy on...
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    Colorado Beginner 10 gallon all grain setup keggle burner mash tun $100

    Sold locally as an all-grain setup... not a turkey fryer!
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    Colorado TRADE: Glass carboy for?

    I have a glass carboy that is minimum 5 gallons. It was included in some gear I just bought. I will double check to see if it's a 6 or 6.5 gallon one but for now let's assume 5. Anyway, I am interested in trading it. I am open to anything brewing related. Specifically need a hydrometer...
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    It's time...

    The past few years have flown by. I can't believe we are almost in 2017. The last time I brewed was probably June 2013. After a divorce and in the midst of a career change I sold 95% of my equipment including a Brutus 10, a three tap keezer, and the most efficient 15 gallon mash tun I've...
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    Colorado Couple cases of Bombers $5 a case Aurora, CO

    Found about 4 cases of bombers in the basement, there might be a few more than that. Sorry I don't have an exact count. The ex and I are selling the house finally and cleaning it out this weekend. I'd like to arrange someone to pick these up this Friday after 3pm 5/23 or Saturday 5/24...
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    Colorado Divorce Sale: Great start to a Brutus 10

    NOTE: The picture of the Brutus Stand is missing three pieces that will be included. One short support and the two long bottom beams aren't pictured but will be included in the sale. I've been collecting items for a Brutus 10 for the last 2 years and a separation has forced me to sell ALL OF MY...
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    Colorado 3 tap Keezer Kegorater complete with 4 regulator setup

    Located in Aurora, CO (Denver Metro) Not going to be able to consistently brew for the next few years so I'm selling everything. Chest freezer keezer kegerator for sale featuring the following and what I originally paid for everything: 3x Corny Kegs – ($150) 4x Draught Technologies...