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  1. Minbari

    northern brewer hefe -all grain

    so I brewed the northern brewer hefe kit. all grain. used the Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan yeast. fermented at 65 F for 2 weeks and hit the FG. it was a 5 gallon batch and had about 4-5" of yeast slurry on the bottom. I mixed this in when I bottled it and now each bottle has about 1" of...
  2. Minbari

    Heat exchanger

    Anyone see any reason I couldnt use coiled copper tubing as a heat exchanger IN the fermentor? This would circulate cooled water/glycol to control Ferm temp. It would get cleaned and sanitized at the same time the bucket does, of course.
  3. Minbari

    Heating element covers

    What do you guys use to cover the exterior of heating elements in your electric setups? I dont like the idea of 240VAC just sitting out in the open for a wandering finger to touch. Here is what I mean:
  4. Minbari

    Home made Pipe bender

    I am sure I am not the first one to do this, but thought I would share. Only took about 10 minutes to make with scrap wood. Have you ever wanted to make a bend in a copper "L" Grade pipe? That stuff is tough and you will kink it of you try to just bend it. If you are like me you dont...
  5. Minbari


    I did a quick search and couldnt find if this has been suggested before or not. I know you guys have a tapatalk powered app for HBT, but could you add your site to the full tapatalk site? for those of us that already have the app, this is alot more convenient.
  6. Minbari

    Two container HERMS

    hopefully this hasnt been answered too many times before. I am looking to biuld up my first brew system and it is looking like a HERMS is the way to go. I am curious if some experienced people think this will work well? please poke any holes in my idea and suggest fixes for anything I...
  7. Minbari

    Hello from STL

    Have been a fan of beer since I was old enough to drink but never really considered making it, lol. putting together my brew gear list for now, in a few months I should have it all built. (hopefully) Then I can try my hand at the elixir from the gods! Looks like a nice, knowledgeable...