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    Beer Tasting Expert and Entertainer Needed in DFW. Will pay $!!

    My company is looking for someone to do a beer tasting event at our suites at the Ballpark in Arlington. This would be delivered to our existing and prospective clients. We've done wine tastings and had a scotch master from Glenfiddich (sp?) do a scotch tasting that was very entertaining. I...
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    Xbox 360 Gamertags!

    Mine is NEOMICH. I just picked up Borderlands and it rocks. I'd like to try the online co-op but don't really care to be paired up with a bunch of kids. Anyone else got this game?
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    A Guy Walks Into A Bar

    An irishman goes into a pub, orders 3 pints and takes a drink from each one in succession. This continues until all 3 are gone and then the irishman leaves. This goes on every day for a month before the bartendar asks what's with the 3 beers? The irishman replies "1 beer is for me, the other...
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    Preparing new bottles for bottling

    Unless you had solid gunk in the bottles, a good rinsing and then sanitizing should be fine. You said you bought them from the LHBS so they're new, they just need to be rinsed and sanitized. I choose to sanitize using my dishwasher. You need the "hot" cycle with water and NO SOAP! so it...
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    Bottling steps

    If I'm bottling for personal consumption, I don't even bother with taking the lables off. I write on the cap so I know what's inside. The labels come off when they come off. I'll even give some away to people and if the label's still on, they get a good homebrew and can see what kind of...
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    He said I'm making too much beer!!

    If Jenny Craig allows you to "bank" your daily points, we should be allowed to bank our daily beers and make up for it on the weekend. Drinking an average of 2 beers a day sounds much better than drinking 10-14 beers on a Friday/Saturday night. The math is the same by my calculator.
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    Bottling steps

    If your bottles are clean, you can run them through a cycle in the dishwasher to sanitize. The hot cycle needs to be selected and it will steam and sterilize them for you. Make sure the dw is rinsed out well with no lingering soap and you should be fine. I've bottled every one of my batches...
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    Any UFC Fans Out there?

    I think the biggest challenge fighters have with Brock is that they can't find anyone to train with that are close to Brock's size, strength and speed. He's very fast and explosive from his wrestling background and it's hard to find anyone with that same ability to train with. If someone could...
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    Any UFC Fans Out there?

    I'm going to have to go with Machida on the main event. Don't know why, I just think this fight is his.
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    Any UFC Fans Out there?

    I've been a fan since you had to catch it on the internet since it wasn't allowed in almost any state. I've seen the sport really start to blossom at one point with some top grade talent. I think the sport is declining lately as far as the talent goes. Couture, Hughes, Milititch, the Gracies...
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    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    You just lost your man-card. It's going to take a lot of brewing, barbecuing and debauchery to get it back.
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    Aluminum Pint Bottles?

    Anyone used these aluminum pint bottles Miller is selling? I'm concerned that they're not really intended for reuse but I'm interested in hearing if anyone has any first hand experience.
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    Anyone else excited about the new season of Heroes? The 2 hour premier was pretty good and looks like the upcoming episodes should be pretty good.
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    AG Open Invite in Fort Worth

    I'd like to post an open invite to the DFW area for anyone interested in joining me on a brew day. I'm up in Fort Worth doing all-grain 5 gallon batches and it's always better to brew together. With the weather cooling off, I'll probably be knocking out a batch every weekend or so over the...
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    Beginner Advice

    As a beginner, really focus on nailing down your process and sanitization. Find a supplier you like and trust, follow some tried and true recipes and make some good drinkable beer. Once you're comfortable with that, maybe try to slowly expand your technique, gear and process. It's all about...
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    Smooth Brew Day Today

    I've been able to heat my water in like 20 minutes when there's no wind but that doesn't happen very often. I think if I get the cars out of the garage, it will help keep the flame on the pot and shorten the heat/boil time. Either way, it was a pretty efficient brew day and nothing to complain...
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    Smooth Brew Day Today

    I've only done a few AG batches and today was definitely the smoothest brew day I've had. I hit my SG right on the mark, everything was timed well and didn't have any major hiccups. I still think I could shave 45-60 minutes off my time if it wasn't so windy outside blowing my flame around so...
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    Brewing to Celebrate Cowboys Stadium Opening

    You're just hating cuz the Eagles got beat and so did the the Pats. Life is so much better as a Cowboy fan.
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    soo how likes rum/?

    Appleton Estate is a good rum. I got hooked on it while in the islands. Fresh pineapple and rum is the way to go.
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    Sanitizing Grolsh style rubber gaskets

    I use the dishwasher for my flip tops with no problems. I don't use Iodophor so can't really advise about that.