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    New to brewing kombucha - Is this mold?

    I think I tried to go too big on my first batch (2 gallons with an off-the-shelf SCOBY and starter tea), so I dialed it back to 1 gallon this time. The pH was 3.5-4.0. I have my vessel in my kitchen, instead of my basement, to keep it warmer. Maybe I need to move it to a different area on the...
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    New to brewing kombucha - Is this mold?

    I'm new to brewing kombucha. I conservatively threw my first batch out for mold on the SCOBY. I'm hoping this is ok on batch #2. I really can't get a good picture of this thing, but it's small and kind of looks fuzzy, which seems to be what everyone says is the indicator of mold. What do you think?:
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    Came home to empty CO2 tank after holding pressure for 9 days...

    New to kegging. Searched forum and couldn't find anything similar: I've kegged my first two batches and have been struggling big time with my kegging setup. For the third time now (once on keg #1, twice on keg #2), I've come home to an empty CO2 tank and no pressure in my keg after multiple...
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    Tap a draft system

    I just use my usual amount of priming sugar (4 oz Corn Sugar/5 gal Beer) and I've had nothing but good results from my Tap-a-Draft. It usually takes me two cartridges to fully dispense one bottle.
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    Show Us Your Label

    Just check the Stickies on this board (Label Display & Discussion)
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    Fixing my Vanilla Stout

    So I brewed a Vanilla Stout about 9 days ago and my OG came out a little low at 1.038, with a current SG of 1.008, a little thin. I know what happened, but that isn't really my question. I want to know if anyone can think of a reason not to do the following to try to bump up my FG: I want...
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    So I just bottled my 3rd batch of cider. It spent 1 month in primary and another 4 in secondary. I backsweetened with the original cider and plan on pasteurizing when my plastic bottle indicates my bottles are ready. My cider was very, very clear at bottling, so my question is, will I have...
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    How to run a competition?

    Does anyone have any tips for running a very, very, informal competition? I'm setting up an APRILTOBERFEST event for my local club to celebrate being half-way to the next OKTOBERFEST. We are all relatively new brewers and are a very loose club. The event will consist of about 8 brewers...
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    Show Us Your Label

    Yeah, it is pretty sweet. We are probably going to go get some pizza there on Saturday. We live a little north of the city, and to be honest, pretty much every pizzeria is equally amazing, especially outside the city center. I walk 2 min to my local place and get the best margherita I've ever...
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    Show Us Your Label

    My first label!
  11. Plinian_Eruption_First_Draft


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    Boiling Stirbars?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. You're all saying what I suspected and was hoping to hear!
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    Simple Ball Valve Question

    Should I boil any of the parts of my ball valve upstream of the ball or just the downstream portions?
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    Boiling Stirbars?

    I recently purchased a stirplate for starters. I'm wondering if I can boil my stirbar. I'd like to have the flask on the stirplate with the stirbar going while I mix inn my DME, to facilitate mixing. If I do this, I won't be able to (easily) get the stirbar out for the boil. Do y'all...
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    alternative yeast starter method working well for me

    I agree that if you are happy with the results, you're not doing anything wrong. However, dry yeasts already contain all the nutrients/sugars/etc that the cells require. I would recommend following the manufacturer's directions and using water vice wort to rehydrate. That is, unless the...
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    New Member & Beer Lover

    oh...heh...Louisiana...yeah, of course.
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    New Member & Beer Lover

    You have a limited selection in LA?? You must be talking about Lower Alabama, not LA, California, right? I don't live there and have only been there one time, but southern California has to have better craft brew availability than western PA.
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    First Cider

    I agree with everything about CO2 saturation, but it sounds like your bung wasn't on tight and your CO2 was leaking out rather than going through your airlock.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing 5 gal of Shark Bite Red Ale from a B3 kit and drinking my Spiced Cider and Cream Ale.
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    Graphics Software

    So I've been playing around with Inkscape and so far, I'm loving it. Here are my first two attempts: I'll try to check out Gimp if I can find the time. Thanks everyone!