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    Raising temperatures to finish off beers. Does it do anything?

    So I just got a fermentation chamber (temp controlled with hot and cool)..... My beers have jumped in quality and predictability, and don't think I could ever go back. I had a IPA go grain to glass in 12 days that was perfect. One thing I have been doing is keeping the fermentation...
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    US-05 vs US-04 vs Nottingham

    Thought I would weigh in with my experiences, because this is something I looked into before exploring cheap yeasts for neutral flavoured beers (as far as yeast is concerned). First thing is that it will depend on what style of beer you are brewing. I have made many dark beer like a porter or...
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    First time with Dry Lager Yeast

    Only used 34/70, but it is a phenomenal yeast. Clean and crisp and much more predictable than its liquid equivalent. Makes amazing common beers as well.
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    step additions of wort to yeast instead of yeast starter

    Ya makes sense, boiling isnt sterilizing. You need steam and high pressure for that. Might work if you freeze it though.
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    step additions of wort to yeast instead of yeast starter

    Did a starter instead. Feels like too much of an infection risk.
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    step additions of wort to yeast instead of yeast starter

    I will prob end up doing a starter or small batch anyways, so dont rip into me too hard if this is stupid. I plan on making a 5gal batch of a 5% lager in the next 7 to 10 days. Usually for this I would make a starter, but im a bit busy right now and I always feel a 5 or 6l starter is just a...
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    First all Grain, where did i go wrong?

    I use 1 packet of us-04 in 5 gallon batches all the time. Some of these batches are higher gravity as well. Your fermentation might not be as clean as using 2 packets (although I think it is negligible)... but its not gunna stop at a fg of 1.042. I have had way bigger problems with liquid yeast...
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    Will have drinkable beer for Christmas?

    A more anal brewer might frown on this sort of thinking... but whats the abv of the beer? I usually give the beer 1 week fermenting per 2.5% abv as a general rule, though I have turned some 7%IPAs around in 2 weeks before when like you I had a deadline I wanted to reach. It also kind of depends...
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde Variant (for those who want a bit more hop)

    I really liked the idea of brewing something a bit tamer for "sessions" on weekends, and came across the Centennial blonde recipe. Originally I planned on simply brewing the recipe... but decided to change it up a bit to suit the ingredients I had on hand as well as my personal taste. 3gal...
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    BoPils came out "meh"

    I am still learning and experimenting with lager brews, so it could very well be me screwing up... but I can confidently say it is not as easy to work with as 2124. The yeast doesn't seem to flocculate out as well as I would have hoped, and really needs a long time to mature. I would recommend...
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    BoPils came out "meh"

    Tried Brewing with Wyeast 2124. Wow. Budvar yeast is garbage in comparison, I don't think id ever go back to it.
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    How long do I need to ferment Wy2124 at ale temps

    Hello, I am a massive Toronto Maple Leafs Fan, and I had this idea the other night to brew a blue beer for their opening game to enjoy with friends. Realistically the only way to get a blue beer would be to brew a very light cream ale (yellow+blue= green=bad). I want to try to brew this beer...
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    Canada Malting "Superior"?

    I bought a sack of CMC superior pilsner due to its incredibly low price. I have made a Saison, BoPils and a Dortmunder export from the grain with mixed results. The saison turned out great with a real clean flavour. A style like this is dominated by the yeast so the delicate flavour from the...
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    BoPils came out "meh"

    So a month later, or 3 months of total lagering time... And this beer has turned it around, and come out very good. Still not as hoppy as I expected, and the grain isn't as good as the German malt (obviously) but nonetheless good and dramatically better than macro lagers. Really just needed an...
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    BoPils came out "meh"

    So I brewed Jamils Bopils (with slightly more hops and domestic malt) and the final product isn't really what I was picturing. This was my first lager. I used 90% RO water to 10% Calgary (very hard) water, and did a double decoction with a full 90min boil. The beer fermented with Budvar yeast...
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    Any experience with T-58 yeast?

    Used this yeast for a wit. Simple recipe of 70% wheat, 20 percent 2 row and 10% Munich light. Finished sweet with heavy bubblegum flavours. Fermented around 72-78C. Fg was 1.016 which is what the yeast says it ends at.
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    Can you make your own orange peel from fresh oranges?

    Wrong, Organic just uses "natural" preservatives and additives. Its actually the biggest scam in the food industry right now. Use worse chemicals which are so-called natural and charge more money bc they suck. Oh that and organic farming techniques could feed only like 50% of our growing...
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    What to make of the Belma Hop

    Hello all, Like many others I was enticed by the incredible low price of the hop "belma" from hops direct. Unfortunately there isn't much info on it. There are a few forums where people discuss that they are going to use it, but nobody gets back to the forum with their finished product... so...
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    Belgian Golden Strong

    Awfully short fermentation time for this gravity. And only a 60min boil with pilsner malt?
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    Yeast immobilization: magic beans of fermentation

    Pretty cool. And I haven't had the time to read every post (yet) but I had some comments. The primary problem with this method is poor surface area of yeast, creating slow mass transfer gradients. One of my former chem eng profs actually developed the immobilization patent for labbats brewery...